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Published in: Lifestyle
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  1. 1. My free timeHello!I like animals, sport and black colour.
  2. 2. AnimalsIlike my cat. Her name is Černoška.She´s one year old. She is black. I likemy dog. His name is Belo. He´s twoyears old. He is white and browncolour. I like my guinea pig. Her nameis Labka. She´s one year old. She isblack and white. I like my rabbit. Hisname is Uško. He´s one year old. Heis grey and white.
  3. 3. Sport● I like swimming tennis and dancing. Iplay tennis on the garden. I goswimming at the weekend. I godancing on the Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. 4. Black colour● I like black colour, it´s my favouritecolour. My cat and rabbit are black.
  5. 5. Pictures