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Edmodo 8-6-12


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Brief introduction to t

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Edmodo 8-6-12

  1. 1. EdmonoThe social networking site created specifically with the needs of students, parents and teachers in mind. “A Basic How-To Guide for First Time Navigators”
  2. 2. Why use edmono in the classroom• Introduction to social media• Team project approach• Integrating technology into traditional teaching methods• Collaboration students, teachers, schools, districts, national
  3. 3. Edmodo opening screen shot will default to:• Last activity (assignments, posts, quizzes, etc.)• Alerts
  4. 4. Toolbar easy to use Search (posts, teachers) Calendar (assignment due dates, events, holidays) Grades (lists all groups assign a grade level)Library - resources posted (Google docs, links, etc.) Home (returns to latest activity posted) Link to profile pages Account (settings, help, report a bug, invite teachers, logout)
  5. 5. Profiles : Public
  6. 6. Profile : Internal• Students• Teacher Connections• Library items• Sharing score• View My Public Profile• School and location / address• Badges earned
  7. 7. Profiles : Internal/Edit
  8. 8. Create a Group• Groups (classes) Drop down menu on left:• To join group students need “code” (not an email address)• Assignments can be created for one or multiple groups
  9. 9. GroupsCategorize by GROUP:• Posts, assignments, quizzes, comments• Folders (documents, etc)• Feeds• Lock / Unlock “Group Code”
  10. 10. Group 5-1
  11. 11. Enhanced FeaturesPost, assignment, quiz, etc… Drop down menu on left: created…By MeAlerts yellow sticky noteConnections connect with other teachersAdd FeedsCreate & add PollsCreate, post, assign QuizzesView Recent Replies
  12. 12. Create quiz and send• Quizzes can be multiple choice or true/false with the option to add score to Gradebook• Assign/send quiz just like assignments.• Date due will post to calendar.
  13. 13. Alerts / Sticky Notesend to Parent Groups
  14. 14. Help Center• Free webinars• Mini lessons• Support Community (blog format)• Schools and districts (resources)• FAQ Help Topics Include: security, Parent Accounts, Co-teaching, grading assignments
  15. 15. Olga