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OmiHub - The Best Online Medical APP For Doctors And Patients

OmiHub's Mobile APP is designed to help doctors and patients interact in a better manner, it allows for the patients to look for doctors near them, book appointments and more. Explore this unique simple to use medical app in our presentation.
Download Omihub Mobile APP:

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OmiHub - The Best Online Medical APP For Doctors And Patients

  1. 1. Best Online Medical APP For Doctors And Patients- Omihub
  2. 2. Growth Drivers For Mobile APP • The growth of smart phone users due the the declining average selling price . • This growth in smart phone has also lead to the increase in the number of internet base user. • According to IAMAI, India will attract more users online.
  3. 3. How Mobile Apps can be a boon to Doctors? • Mobile apps are changing the doctors life for the betterment. • The doctors can easily fix appointment wherever they are. • They can exchange case studies, have training, maintain database of the patients . • According to Huffingtonpost 80% of the doctors support their job through mobile apps.
  4. 4. How Mobile Apps can be a Boon for Patients • With the increase in Smart Phone users it has become very easy to download a medical app. • The Patients can easily and anywhere fix appointment, consult doctors, store prescriptions and reports without any hastle. • The Patients get to choose from the list of reviewed specialist and that too near their location.
  5. 5. Why Omihub Mobile App? • Omihub Mobile App is one of the best Mobile apps for Medical Information for Doctors and Patients. • Omihub Mobile App is easy to install and use. • It is one stop destination for connecting to doctors, hospitals, Clinics, Medical Service etc.
  6. 6. Features of Omihub App. • Omihub app has a easy User Interface which makes it easy to operate. • Whether it is a Doctor or Patients can easily register with the help of their existing E-mail ID or Social Media Credentials. • The Doctors can easily create their Profile with their Degree, Specialization, Experience etc. • The Patients can easily search doctors based on the specialization or location.
  7. 7. Step 1 Install the App • Install the Online Medical Information App from Your Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  8. 8. Step : 2 Register with Omihub • Register with the Online Medical Information App using either your existing Email-ID or your Social Media Credentials of Face book or Twitter or Google +.
  9. 9. Step :3 Choose From Options • The Omihub Online Medical Information App helps us to find Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Ancillary Users, Medical Suppliers etc. • Choose your Option.
  10. 10. Step 4 Selection • Make the Choice you wish , for e.g say Doctor one wishes to search based on the specialization . • e.g. Cardiologist.
  11. 11. Step : 5 View result • Based on the Search term the Online Medical App- Omihub displays the result. • Choose among the results you wish to view the details of.
  12. 12. Step : 6 View Detail Profile • Based on the selection of the doctor one can view the detail profile of the specialist. • In this eg it is Dr. Amber Limaye (MD Medicine)
  13. 13. Contact Us.
  14. 14. Thank You