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What is Omnichannel retail?


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Ecommerce in India
Characteristics of Omni-channel Retail
How does it benefit retailers in today's time and age.
Online Retail - Metrics
Offline Retail - Metrics
Inventory - Metrics
What is GST and how to prepare for it?
Technology in Retail
How do retailers build awareness in a crowded marketplace?

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What is Omnichannel retail?

  1. 1. Omnichannel Retail Trends and Best Practices
  2. 2. Ecommerce in India • $23 Billion projected market size by Mar 2016 • $100 Billion by 2020 • 500 Million internet users by 2017
  3. 3. Omnichannel retail
  4. 4. Case in point • 100 franchised stores • Uniform Invoicing • Standardized Store layout • High selling products in store – rest in centralized warehouses • Built in Manufacturing capability
  5. 5. Characteristics of Omni-channel Retail • Uniformity of Catalogue • Synchronization of Inventory • Single Customer Database • Unified view of back-end operations
  6. 6. Other Examples
  7. 7. Online Retail - Metrics • Average Basket Size and Margins • GM = SP – (Shipping x (1+ return ratio) + Packaging + Manpower per package) – Cost Price • Return ratio = no. of returned shipments / no. of successful shipments • Manpower per package = Salary x ratio of non-idle time devoted No. of Shipments Packed • Average SLA
  8. 8. Offline Retail - Metrics • Conversion Ratio = Walk-ins / No. of Invoices • Average Ticket Size • GM = SP-CP • Returning visits per year
  9. 9. Inventory - Metrics • Fill Rate = How many orders did I fulfill / Total orders received • Inventory Turnover = Total Costs of Goods Sold / Inventory Value
  10. 10. GST Aayega! Prepare yourself
  11. 11. What is it and how do we prepare • Single Unified Tax for Service as well as Goods • CGST, SGST and IGST • Built on India Stack – Aadhar, eSign, eKYC and IUP -> GSTN • Simplified return management • Increased Traceability of goods
  12. 12. Technology in Retail • Webstores • Point of Sale Solutions • Marketplace Panels • Accounting Solutions • Omnichannel Integrated Solutions • CRM
  13. 13. How to build awareness in a crowded marketplace • SLA Commitment • Service – that extra touch. Make the customer remember you • Differentiate with a rich catalogue • Loss leaders • SEO – long term investment
  14. 14. Q&A