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Brakes and its types


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Related to working of brakes and what are the applications of
brakes , on what princile the brakes work.

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Brakes and its types

  1. 1. BY, Om Patil
  2. 2. • What are brakes? A mechanical device Prevents motion of moving body
  3. 3. • Where is it used? Wheeled vehicles like cars, planes etc. Shopping carts Cycles Almost everywhere……
  4. 4. *Working of A Brake • Functions via forced delivered to a rotating body • Assembly with a mechanical clutch • Tightened or pressed with body to decelarate • Generate intense heat and some noise
  5. 5. *Types Of Brakes •Disk Brakes •Drum Brakes •Vacuum Brakes •Air Brakes •Hydraulic Brakes •Railway Brakes
  6. 6. *Disk brake • Uses calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disk • Single piston floating caliper mainly used • Main braking system in cars • Used for instant breaking • Used in cars, cycles , bikes etc.
  7. 7. *Construction of disk brake
  8. 8. *Drum Brakes • Works on the principle of disk break • Less expensive to manufacturer • More spare parts used • Useful in emergency breaking system • Located on the rear wheels • Mainly used in vehicles
  9. 9. *Construction of drum brake
  10. 10. *Hydraulic Braking *Uses brake fluid * Containing ethylene glycol, to transfer pressure to braking system *Mainly used in passenger vehicles , cars etc.
  11. 11. *Construction
  12. 12. *Vacuum Breaking • The vacuum in the brake pipe is created • Maintained by a motor-driven exhauster • Exhauster has 2 speeds Low speed High speed • Specially used in trains
  13. 13. *Construction
  14. 14. *Air Brakes • Uses air to apply brakes • Breaks are disengaged when the air tanks are full • Air fills the brake chamber, pushing the chamber diaphragm • Pushes the brake pads against the brake drum, stopping the vehicle • Used for heavier vehicles like in trucks ,aircraft etc.
  15. 15. *Construction