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Making Money from content online

Presentation at Fazeley Digital Festival

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Making Money from content online

  1. Paul Bradshaw Senior Lecturer, Online Journalism, Magazines and New Media, School of Media, Birmingham City University, UK ( Blogger, Online Journalism Blog How to make money from content
  2. 1. You can’t.
  3. 2. You won’t.
  4. 3. You never did anyway.
  5. 1. You can’t.
  6. In 2006 the world produced three million times the information contained in all the books ever written. Supply vs demand
  7. 2. You won’t.
  8. “ Search will see its overall share of online ad dollars swell from 45% this year to 48% in 2009 as other segments slow down.” - eMarketer It’s Google’s world.
  9. “ Why should I pay more for something that costs less to produce, is harder to find and harder to use?” Consumers are not stupid.
  10. 1. You never did anyway.
  11. “ Sky News isn't profitable; it's subsidised by other Murdoch enterprises. The Guardian isn't profitable; it's funded by a trust. BBC News isn't profitable.” Emily Bell:
  12. Advertising. Events. Platforms. You made money from
  13. You sold audiences. Not content. You sold experiences. Not content. You sold services. Not content.
  14. Advertising, sponsorship or affiliates? Maybe. Sell services? Better. Act as a broker? Sure. How to monetise audiences?