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Tips to Get a Medical Cannabis Grower License - Presentation

Get yourself a medical cannabis grower license and grow quality medical marijuana strains in your backyard or even indoors. More info at:

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Tips to Get a Medical Cannabis Grower License - Presentation

  1. 1. Tips to Get a Medical Cannabis Grower License A guide by Greendorphin
  2. 2. Growing cannabis is an art. Are you an artist? The medical cannabis industry is growing faster than ever. People now are starting to accept it as a mainstream medicinal drug and are opting it over other traditional medications. With even most of the states recognizing its benefits and legalizing it, the industry is deemed to grow more in the next decade.
  3. 3. Precision and patience are two things you need if you aspire to be a medical cannabis grower. Precision as you need to take care of the expensive plant with all your will and time. Patience because its a plant and it needs proper time to grow. Get impatient and you’ll lose all your yield.
  4. 4. So, The Question Arrives, Can You Grow Medical Cannabis Legally?
  5. 5. Of course, you can. There are laws and rules that grant you the power to grow medical cannabis legally. But before getting too eager, check your state laws first because there are many states in the country that still don’t allow you to grow cannabis in your yard.
  6. 6. Let’s start then and highlight how you can get a medical cannabis grower license without any hassles. So, before you start sowing cannabis seeds in your garden, you need to get a recommendation from the state or a doctor, depending upon the purpose of your growth.
  7. 7. Basically, you can get two types of grower licenses. 1. Commercial 2. Patients
  8. 8. Commercial Grower License: Are you looking to grow medical marijuana as your business? If yes, then this is the license you need. For this, you need to approach the state and file an application to start a medical marijuana growing business.
  9. 9. This is one of the most difficult steps in starting this business. The difficulty lies in the navigation through the tedious and complicated process of the state licensing board. Therefore, I have compiled some tips that could be beneficial for your application.
  10. 10. Understanding the complexity of the system: It is important you understand the quirks and complications of the process. Every state has different laws and regulations and hence you need to be well versed to earn the license. Some stays allow 30 days for the application, some even less. Therefore when you apply in your state, try and find as much information as you can about the process.
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