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Building a Digital Telco

Francisco-Javier Ramón Salguero

NFV-SDN Synergy
Technology Track Session

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Building a Digital Telco

  1. 1. Building a Digital Telco Telefónica I+D – Global CTO Unit 03.04.2014 Network Virtualisation experiences in Telefónica Francisco-Javier Ramón Salguero E-mail: Twitter: @fjramons
  2. 2. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Business development requires a continuous evolution of our network… but it still seems unable to evolve fast enough “The network is the barrier for the cloud”, Nicira Networks Network elements are  Vertically integrated  Proprietary  Complex to operate … which has resulted in great challenges for introducing new ideas and differential features by telco operators
  3. 3. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER We have entered the Software-defined era: Telco evolution focus is shifting from hardware to software • Very intensive in hardware • Software is not core • Very intensive in software • Hardware is a necessary support x HARDWARE SOFTWARE+ - + - Big old telcos Internet players We need to adapt to survive
  4. 4. 4 SOFTENING THE HARDWARE: An opportunity for more flexible networks?
  5. 5. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Network functions are fully defined by SW, minimising dependence on HW constraints Network Virtualisation provides a mean to make the network more flexible, taking for granted a common HW layer DPI BRAS GGSN/ SGSN Firewall CG-NAT PE Router VIRTUAL NETWORK FUNCTIONS COMMON HW (Servers & Switches) FUNCTION CAPACITY
  6. 6. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Which translates to a proper balance of NFV & SDN BNG CONTROL POOL MGMT CG-NAT SW-defined network functions  Separation of HW and SW  No vertical integration - HW vendor ≠ SW vendor ≠ Mgmt vendor  Once network elements are SW-based, HW can be managed as a pool of resources NFV Interconnecting Virtual Network Functions (a.k.a. backplane)  Separation of control and data plane  Easy orchestration with SW domain SDN DHCP UPnP TR-069 IPv4 / IPv6 Session mgmt NAT NAT ctrl. Pool admin
  8. 8. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Residential Virtual CPE: recovering positions in the value chain • Simple, stable along the time and cheaper customer premises equipment • Quick and transparent migration to IPv6 • Service evolution and operation is supported inside telco network • Monetize cloud and video services (virtual set top box) • Monetize security and digital identity features EXPLORE PoC TRIAL DEPLOY MATURITY LEVEL SwitchAccess Point Módem Virtual CPE FW TR-069 NAT UPnP DHCP IPv4/IPv6 STB Home environment Telco Network environment Shifting network functions deployed in home environment to the network… Live trial today Commercial before end 2014
  9. 9. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER SW-based DPI Probe (Deeper) • >80 Gbps line rate per server • Stable signatures • Flexible data analysis and signature upgrade • Forensic analysis feasible. EXPLORE PoC TRIAL DEPLOY MATURITY LEVEL RAW USER TRAFFIC OF Controller OF Switch Deeper REAL-TIME ANALYSIS Network Big DataRELEVANT INFO Metadata interface RAW USER TRAFFIC MITIGATION Copy POLICY DECISIONS Security Alarms OpenFlow Other data xDRs CENTRALISED INTELLIGENCE NFV domain SDN domain
  10. 10. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER SW CG-NAT: Low-cost high-performance NAT • NAT44 function (translates from a private IPv4 address and port to a public IPv4 address and port, and vice-versa) • Support of overlapping addresses and tunnelling • Auto-provisioning of NAT sessions per access line • 40 Gbps full-duplex line rate per server EXPLORE PoC TRIAL DEPLOY MATURITY LEVEL CG- NAT
  11. 11. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Quagga-based SW-Router • Common routing protocols supported and extended by open source project. • Well-known router command line. EXPLORE PoC TRIAL DEPLOY MATURITY LEVEL Leverage on open source routing project(Quagga) as rich and widely tested protocol suite while assuring data plane performance OPEN-SOURCE CONTROL PLANE (Quagga + Linux) OPTIMIZED DATA PLANE (DPDK-based) • High-performance line-rate data plane. • Running as separate process, does not lead to licensing issues.
  12. 12. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER SW BRAS: Simplified BRAS • QinQ termination • LPM Routing • GRE tunnelling (reference for wholesale services) • MPLS tunnelling • 40 Gbps full-duplex line rate per server BRAS EXPLORE PoC TRIAL DEPLOY MATURITY LEVEL
  14. 14. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 1. Network Virtualisation is not Cloud Computing The network differs from the computing environment in 2 key factors: Data plane workloads (which are huge!) Network requires shape (+ E2E interconnection) NEED OF HIGH AND PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE (as with current equipment) GLOBAL NETWORK VIEW IS REQUIRED FOR MANAGEMENT 1 2 …which are big challenges for vanilla cloud computing …and most of industry is offering to Telcos just IT based cloud products as network virtualization environments
  15. 15. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 2. High and predictable performance is achievable (e.g. vCPE, vCG-NAT, vBRAS…) as long as you know how! @Cloud VM Bare Metal Acceptableperformance Bare Metal VM @Cloud GAP x10 Bare Metal VM @vPoP EXECUTION MANAGEMENT EXECUTION MANAGEMENT What defensive Industry says What can be achieved doing things well(*) 80 Gbps per COTS blade (*) ETSI NFV Work Item “NFV Performance & Portability Best Practises”: DGS/NFV-PER001 Current version: v0.0.7 (stable draft – 15/10/2013)
  16. 16. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 3. Transformation can be accelerated, co-developing in a fast lane PoC Develop Time AVAILABLE Industry SDOs & de facto technologies Exploration Trial& Industrialised product Deployment Months Open source & basic technologies Standardise Drive ROADMAP ACCELLERATION
  17. 17. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 4. More work is needed on closing the gaps and getting the industry focused on providing real value Commodity HW OS + Hypervisor Commodity Switching infrastructure Virtualised Infrastructure Manager VNF Manager Virtual Network Functions Orchestrator Legacy OSS/BSS Current State of the Art is good enough (if properly arranged) ADD VALUE HERE: Industry should focus on providing differential VNFs and Network Orchestration ADD VALUE HERE: Industry should focus on providing differential VNFs. Credible ROADMAP needed!! Network Virtualisation Infrastructure and its Management should become COMMODITY Network Virtualisation Infrastructure and its Management should become COMMODITY Work is needed in Open Source to AVOID proliferation of VERTICAL SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 18 OUR NEXT STEP: Network Virtualisation Reference Lab @ Telefónica NFVO Proper HW & Hypervisor config ADD VALUE HERE: Network Orchestration on top of Carrier-grade OpenStack VNFs ADD VALUE HERE: Simplest integration NFVI VIM = OpenStack++ BASELINE TECHNOLOGIES ECOSYSTEM ECOSYSTEM Add your logo hereWe want your logo here Carrier-grade OpenStack going to upstream development