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Nova Updates - Liberty Edition


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Nova PTL, John Garbutt, provides project updates from Kilo to Liberty

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Nova Updates - Liberty Edition

  1. 1. OpenStack Nova Project Update post Liberty-1 John Garbutt Nova PTL @johnthetubaguy
  2. 2. Kilo - 2015.1.0 ● Priority given to major architecture evolution o ● Release of API v2.1 o ● Reduced API downtime on Upgrade o ● Overall: 45 features, 525 bugs o Libvirt hugepages, Hyper-V Gen 2 VM support, VMware vSAN support, and much more o
  3. 3. Plans for Liberty - 12.0.0 ● Architectural evolution continues o o API v2.1 Improvements: v2.0 support, docs, client, drop extensions, policy o Reducing upgrade downtime o Making Cells v2 the default for all deployments (except cells v1 users) o Increase development velocity, by further decoupling between components ● Many bugs and features in progress o o Note: Focus on reporting over prediction
  4. 4. Scaling the Nova Community ● Better communication: What and Why o Work hard to stay Open, a clear mission and values, and clear current goals o Make it easier to engage with the Nova community, and deal with growing pains ● Renewed Mentoring and Onboarding o ● Continued Innovation, within existing scope o ● Goal: Support Nova API ecosystem ● Goal: Stability, Scalability and Upgradability
  5. 5. Possible Future Priorities ● Feature Classification ○ More clarity around what is tested, and what is not ● Interoperability of Nova API ○ Flavor and Image metadata, Networking ● Big bug fix themes ○ Quotas, Cross Project Interactions ● Reliability and API Error Reporting (Tasks)