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OpenStack: five years in


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OpenStack celebrates its fifth birthday, July 19, 2015, and this presentation provides an update on the community momentum, as well as what's next. #openstack5bday

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OpenStack: five years in

  1. 1. OpenStack Mission To produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.
  2. 2. What’s Happening with OpenStack? Trends and themes in year five: ‣ OpenStack Powered Planet – delivering on cloud interoperability and federation across vendors and geographies ‣ Applications on OpenStack – new community app catalog and first app guide provide more support for developers targeting OpenStack clouds ‣ Platform for the Next 10 Years – OpenStack gives users the ability to integrate and test new technologies like containers as they emerge
  4. 4. Vancouver Summit Announcements & Demonstrations
  5. 5. • All new products applying for OpenStack Powered logo program and naming rights must interoperability tests ( • You can now find validated products and interoperability test results in the OpenStack Marketplace ( Interoperability testing now available for OpenStack Powered products
  6. 6. OpenStack Identity Federation POC • Identity federation enables hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios with seamless user experience • 32 companies are committed to delivering federated identity by the end of 2015 • In Vancouver, DigitalFilm Tree demonstrated how its team spins up resources on their own OpenStack private and can instantly scale those instances out to public clouds with HP and out to hosted private clouds with Blue Box • Watch the demo
  7. 7. *New* Community App Catalog • Community members can now share apps and tools in the form of Glance images, Heat templates and Murano packages designed to integrate with OpenStack Clouds • Developers can now experiment with emerging tools like containers by deploying packages that leverage the proven building blocks of OpenStack • Get involved at
  8. 8. OpenStack Magnum + Kubernetes Demo • Magnum is a new project aiming to make containers a first class resource in OpenStack • Kubernetes is a container orchestration engine that can be deployed by the new Community App Catalog and also run on top of OpenStack clouds • Watch the workload portability demo from the Vancouver Summit at
  9. 9. User Story Presentations
  10. 10. Walmart is powered by 140,000+ OpenStack Cores “Last Thanksgiving, we did 1.5 billion page views…November and December are the two months where we have to satisfy all the needs of all the customers, and that’s what we did – we built about 140,000 cores” -Amandeep Singh Juneja, WalmartLabs
  11. 11. During the holidays for 2014, we were running 66% of PayPal front and mid-tier on OpenStack. That number is now 100%. If you have doubts about OpenStack running in production, this is the proof point for you to say that OpenStack is doing financial transactions.” -Subbu Allamaraju, eBay Inc 100% of PayPal’s transactions – powered by OpenStack!
  12. 12. User Groups Speak Up
  13. 13. How has OpenStack Impacted your Career? “OpenStack has impacted my career tremendously. Everyday I am learning something new and the technology is evolving. I enjoy the collaboration aspect as well as the open source paradigm.” -Shilla Saebi, Northern Virginia User Group “After working at Equinix, I founded my own company. We've developed our application on OpenStack.” –Volkan Civelek, Turkey User Group “OpenStack has helped me find 2 new jobs, and raised my exposure in the open source community in general.” – Doug Hellmann, Atlanta User Group “My career was very impacted by OpenStack. I met people and companies around the world. Many companies recognized me for my work of OpenStack evangelization (volunteer work) in Brazil and Latin America, including some official recognition.” – Marcelo Dieder, Brazil User Group
  14. 14. “Raise awareness about OpenStack especially for students in engineering schools and universities.” -Morocco User Group OpenStack User Group Goals “Have more attendees each meeting by providing compelling speakers in a fun environment.” -Portland (PDX) User Group “Better awareness and find people who would really be interested in being part and contributing to the community, not just the dinners.” -Philippines User Group “We want to demonstrate how OpenStack can be useful for the end users.” -Argentina User Group “Organize tutorials for beginners.” -Stockholm / Nordic User Group
  15. 15. Where do you see OpenStack in 5 more years? “The API standard of cloud computing and become the engine of driving cloud economy.” –Shenzhen, China User Group “At the center of private cloud software offering.” –Turkey User Group “More stable, with a more diverse set of features and a robust community.” – Atlanta User Group “As popular as Linux! ” – Vietnam User Group “As a basic and common element in datacenters.” -Sevilla, Spain User Group
  16. 16. Important Dates July 19, 2015 OpenStack 5th Anniversary October 15, 2015 Liberty Release October 27 – 30, 2015 OpenStack Summit Tokyo April, 2016 M Release April 25-29, 2016 OpenStack Summit Austin
  17. 17. • Join us in Tokyo, October 27 – 30, 2015! • Call for speakers now open – deadline is July 15th • If interested in sponsoring, contracts are now being accepted • Stay tuned - registration opens July 2015 • Travel Support Program – applications available in July • More details at