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Searchlight Updates - Liberty Edition


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Searchlight PTLs, Travis Tripp & Nikhil Komawar, share project updates from Kilo to Liberty

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Searchlight Updates - Liberty Edition

  1. 1. Co-PTL IRC: TravT Travis Tripp Nikhil Komawar Co-PTL IRC: nikhil_k Searchlight (OpenStack Search) Liberty Update
  2. 2. To provide advanced and scalable indexing and search across multi-tenant cloud resources.
  3. 3. Background
  4. 4. Searchlight Kilo Release ● Released as major experimental feature in Glance ● “Glance Catalog Index Service” ● Elasticsearch indexing of images and metadata defs ● Separate deployable endpoint ● 22 contributors / reviewers from 7 different companies
  5. 5. Searchlight Accepted as New Project ● Multiple requests for it to expand scope ● Proof of concept demonstrated at summit: ● Horizon and Glance fishbowl sessions ● Nova instance indexing and search ● ● Glance team voted to spin it off ● Accepted by TC as new OpenStack governed project
  6. 6. Concepts
  7. 7. ● Full text search on any OpenStack resource ● Search term faceting ● Search auto-completion ● The ability to limit to the properties we care about ● Fuzzy search (fedroa ~ fedora) ● More like this Native Elasticsearch Query Power For all users (not just admins)
  8. 8. Searchlight Cloud Services Nova Glance Neutron Cinder Designate Other Resources indexed: • on demand • via notifications Horizon & other clients Action Requests List and Query Requests plugins Searchlight Concept Flow
  9. 9. API Use Search Service Search Service Available ? Use Standard API Query / List Resources Display Results Result Objects Searchlight: Use When It’s There Per Region Endpoint Deployment
  10. 10. What’s next?
  11. 11. Searchlight Liberty Top Priorities ● Complete separation from Glance ● Deployment options (manual and devstack) ● Glance image and metadata definition indexing ● Nova indexing instances, flavors, metadata ● Horizon initial integration ● Improved testing ● Improved documentation
  12. 12. Additional Blueprints Underway ● Designate indexing ● Neutron investigation ● Swift metadata investigation ● Named queries (simplified, pre-defined queries)
  13. 13. Plugin Pattern Establishment ● Handling API Versioning ● Per plugin configuration ● Best practices
  14. 14. Drivers and cores ● Current 12 cores from 3 different companies ● How to get involved?
  15. 15. [searchlight] on openstack-dev mailing list #openstack-searchlight on Freenode Join in!