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OTDS presentation on Standards at Travel Traction Berlin 2013


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OTDS, the Open Touristic Data Standard (Offener Touristischer Daten Standard) presentation at OpenTravel Alliance March 5, 2013 event, Travel Traction Berlin.

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OTDS presentation on Standards at Travel Traction Berlin 2013

  1. 1. The Open Touristic Data Standard
  2. 2. OTDSThe variety of data formats INFX / INFX2 most frequently used data format for travel packages[ As this „old“ format is limited and the industry needs more flexibility new formats have developed ]   Kati NTSOpen data format by TravelTainment Data format by Traffics; used by TT, Traffics etc. no „distribution“ BDF EDF Data format by Bewotec, Format by Vilauma/Peakwork, no „distribution“ distribution with charge etc. several proprietary formats
  3. 3. The solutionOTDS: Open Data Data Standard
  4. 4. OTDS The idea of OTDS   No licence fee   Open and accessible XML-format for everybody > no proprietary format from a single company   Contains entire industry expertise   The kind of implementation will be individually adapted > OTDS does not affect the way of distribution> Cost-free and open data format
  5. 5. OTDS The idea of OTDS   Contains all master data of the included travel components as well as all necessary product and pricing rules   Is flexible to produce and easy to update   Supports attribution systems, e.g. Global Types, Giata and ICMS   Constantly improved by an incorporated association – from the industry for the industry> Independent and consolidated know-how
  6. 6. OTDS The benefits of OTDS   Rates for children/full prices can reliably be displayed in distribution   Variety of products - complex offers are (better) displayed in distribution   Additional services are part of the offer data and get straight to distribution   Market transparency by means of display of extensive offers> Comprehensive product display
  7. 7. OTDS The benefits of OTDS   Fewer price corrections by means of exact delivery of adult and child prices to the distribution system   Complete reproduction and observance of price calculation rules in the format   Extensive combination rules for flights and packages are included in the format and deliver exactly calculated offers> Improved data quality
  8. 8. OTDS The benefits of OTDS   More recent data by means of better time-to-market: Offers are faster in the distribution system and available faster for the customer   More efficient data updates by means of flexible division of the data delivery according to master data, calculation, contingent administration   Flexible incremental data delivery and fewer redundant data deliveries   Fast data production and faster data transfer> More recent offer data
  9. 9. OTDS The benefits of OTDS   Definition of a data format for the general exchange of product data in the tourism industry, e.g. between tour operator and distribution systems   One data format that contains all necessary information   Definition of a data format that is independent from tour operator and distribution systems o  all tour operators create the same format o  all distribution systems process the same format> Efficiency: simplified data exchange
  10. 10. OTDSAdoption Distribution systems interpreting Provider producing
  11. 11. OTDSAdoption Travel Technology companies offering OTDS solutions
  12. 12. OTDSPrize winning data format  Honored „Best Travel Technology Solution 2012“ by Travel Industry Club on September 24, 2012  Of crucial importance for jurors: the high market relevance due to the open concept at no charge  Quote from the laudatio: „The OTDS data format creates new freedom for the cooperation of touristic enterprises“
  13. 13. OTDS e.V.OTDS – a registered associationOTDS e.V. - currently 31 member companies
  14. 14. OTDS e.V.OTDS – a registered association  Founding of OTDS e.V. in October 2011  Joint creation and development of the format by members of the association  OTDS-Forum as platform for information and cooperation  Board of directors elected for 3 years
  15. 15. OTDSImpression of the xml
  16. 16. OTDSImpression of the xml
  17. 17. OTDSImpression of the xml XML  Defini,on  of  all     •  rooms   •  boards   •  price  items   •  rules   •  inventory   •  etc.     This  example   •  One  Hotel   •  >  24.000  lines  XML  
  18. 18. OTDSImpression of a solutionSolution of a OTDS member Example of a Player
  19. 19. OTDS e.V.Contact  Office OTDS e.V. Steffi Schweden Telefon: +49 (0) 30 284 06 29  Information on OTDS, the OTDS Association and for registering for the OTDS download: