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Landing page A/B testing with Google and Optify


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How to run and A/B test using Google Experiments and Optify's landing pages

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Landing page A/B testing with Google and Optify

  1. 1. Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  AN  OPTIFY-­‐GOOGLE  ANALYTICS  USE  CASE  
  2. 2. What’s  A/B  Tes/ng  Page  2   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  3. 3. Managing  Mul/ple  A/B  Tests  -­‐  Example   Tested  Variables   Image   Form  fields   BuOon  Color   Control   ✔   4   Red   Varia/ons   Treatment  1   ✔   4   Blue   Treatment  2   ✔   5   Red   Treatment  3   ✗   4   Red  Page  3   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  4. 4. Our  Test  –  Image  vs.  No  Image  Page  4   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  5. 5. Hypothesis   •  Define  the  hypothesis:   “A  landing  page  with  an  image  will  have  a  higher  conversion  rate  than  a  landing   page  with  no  image.”   •  Make  sure  you  are  only  tes/ng  one  variable  and  keeping  everything  else   constant   •  A/B  tes/ng  doesn’t  mean  you  need  to  have  only  two  versions,  it  just  means   that  for  every  two  varia/ons  you’re  going  to  test  one  variable   •  Remember  to  set  the  success  metric  (decision  rule)  beforehand  –  there  can   only  be  one  Page  5   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  6. 6. Building  the  varia/ons  Page  6   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  7. 7. Sedng  up  Google  Experiments    Page  7   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  8. 8. Pudng  the  measurements  in  place  Page  8   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  9. 9. Sedng  up  the  content  swap  Page  9   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  10. 10. Tes/ng  the  experiment    Page  10   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  11. 11. Launching  the  experiment    Page  11   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  12. 12. Driving  traffic  to  the  page  Page  12   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  13. 13. Measuring  the  results  Page  13   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  14. 14. Is  it  sta/s/cally  significant?    Page  14   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  15. 15. Declare  a  “champion”  and  test  again   Number  of  fields?  Page  15   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  16. 16. Oh,  and  don’t  forget  to  stop  the  experiment…  Page  16   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy  
  17. 17. Addi/onal  resources   •  hOp://­‐ul/mate-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐a-­‐b-­‐ tes/ng/   •  hOp://­‐Rules-­‐of-­‐AB-­‐Tes/ng-­‐The-­‐ Art-­‐in-­‐Marke/ng-­‐Science   •  hOps://www.op/  Page  17   Landing  Page  A/B  Tes/ng  with  Google  and  Op/fy