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Innovation academy

My lecture at UCD Innovation academy on 16-4-2013

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Innovation academy

  1. 1. What have I learned• Ideas generation• Trend watching• Team• Sales, sales, sales (the new fundraising)• Passion• Technology• Story telling• Strategy
  2. 2. Creativity• TED• Springwise• Tech crunch• Stanford• LinkedIn• McKinsey• Strategy+Business• Smartbrief• Books 
  3. 3. Must read
  4. 4. sjIt is not about today, it is about tomorrow• Technology (watch the VCs)• Trend watching• Your vision on 2025• Hotspots?
  5. 5. What not to do• Team• Sales• Passion• Story telling
  6. 6. STRATEGIC BOX• Values• Passion• Vision• Mission• Positioning• Resourcing