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Content jam 2012


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Content jam 2012

  1. 1. Content JamCreating & Sharing ContentAndy Crestodina@crestodina #contentjam
  2. 2. Choose your channel My site or yours?
  3. 3. Pick one… ☐ Web Page ☐ Blog Post ☐ Blog Post & Newsletter ☐ Guest Blog Post ☐ Newsletter ☐ Blog Post & Guest Blog Post
  4. 4. How Search Engines Work Keywords, Links and Content
  5. 5. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
  6. 6. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
  7. 7. Click Distribution
  8. 8. Keyphrase research The foundation of search
  9. 9. Keyphrase Research
  10. 10. The Virtues of Guest Blogging Search + Social
  11. 11. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingBlogging Guest BloggingContent = 2 Content = 3Links = 0 Links = 1Friends = 0 Friends = 2
  12. 12. Blogging vs. Guest Blogging Round Two…Blogging Guest Blogging Strategycontent better links + diverse content + real connections
  13. 13. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingRound Four…Blogging Guest Blogging StrategyNice blog, but… This is what great web marketing looks like.
  14. 14. Newsletter Timing When to send?
  15. 15. Source: Hubspot, Science of Email Marketing
  16. 16. Source: Hubspot, Science of Email Marketing
  17. 17. Source: Hubspot, Science of Email Marketing
  18. 18. A/B Testing. Of course! Source: Hubspot, Science of Email Marketing
  19. 19. Social Promotion Sharing is caring
  20. 20. Targeted Sharing
  21. 21. MentionsHashtagsQuotes
  22. 22. The Future of Search & Social …and how to future-proof your marketing
  23. 23. Google Agent Rank Patent:The identity of individual [author] responsible forcontent can be used to influence search ratings. Assuming that a given [author] has a highreputational score, representing an establishedreputation for authoring valuable content, thenadditional content authored and signed by that[author] will be promoted relative to unsigned contentor content from less reputable [authors] in searchresults.
  24. 24. Quote from AmitSinghal:A good product can only be built where we understandwho’s who and who is related to whom. Relationshipsare also important alongside content. To build a goodproduct, we have to do all types of processing. Butfundamentally, it’s not just about content.It’s about identity, relationships and content.