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Resource reuse card game


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This was one of the resources developed as part of Chris Pegler's National Teaching Fellowship activity and is offered as open content for you to reuse. Please note CC license for each card reflects the image license, so overall BY:NC:SA

Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Resource reuse card game

  1. 1. Resource Reuse Card Game (v2)Chris Pegler
  2. 2. InstructionsThis set of cards is based on factors identified in Chris Pegler’s research into reuseof digital online resources and her National Teaching Fellowship project activity.This resource, as part of the ORIOLE project and was funded through Chris’s NTFaward. It has been further developed as OLNET activity.• blue cards relate to MOTIVATION factors – what is the purpose/driver• grey cards relate to TECHNICAL factors – how this may affect reuse• pink cards relate to QUALITY factors – level and how determinedA variety of ‘games’ can be played one-on-one or as a group sorting activity toinform teaching or research. Lots of debate/discussion potential. Examples of useand link to editable cards: images used in these cards are released under creative commons licenses.Please preserve their attributions. You are free to adapt within those licenses.Please let Chris know if anything comes from your particular reuse orif you have comments on this particular resource. These cards are formatted to print as Business Cards.
  3. 3. eepy/4343932137/ By Alain-Christian per/4709929186/ By Dan Patterson n/2299387865/ By Felix O 1. EXCLUSIVITY 13. METADATA 25. BRANDIs it popular or Machine Is it offered byexclusive? Are Purpose readable Purpose a trusted Purpose‘top ten description to provider, e.g.downloads’ Concerns help identify Concerns MIT? From a Concernsresources to resources. But well-knownfocus on or Quality human- Quality collection? Qualityavoid? Do we Technology generated Technology Is ‘brand’ a Technologyneed to know metadata is a sufficientwhere else it Resources chore to Resources indication of Resourcesis being used? generate. quality?CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-SA
  4. 4. sancechambara/2288556895/ awk/2681744739/ By Thomas Hawk By Ged Carroll 4081230052/ By _dChris 2. CUSTOM/HABIT 14. MOVING ONLINE 26. STYLE/TONE Use of existingAn automatic Reuse offers a Purpose online Purpose Purposehabit for all diversity of resourcesrequiring no Concerns Concerns tone and style Concerns helps to movespecial to create institutionsthought. Is Quality online rapidly. Quality variety and Qualitythis what we freshness. Or Technology But is that Technology Technologyneed for reuse does this just really ato happen on confuse our Resources desirable Resources Resourcesa large scale? students? solution?CC-BY-NC CC-BY CC-BY
  5. 5. danardvincente/2512148775/ By Renata Alves dos Anjos By Danard Vincente ck/3773116901/ s/3048554599/ By Toban Black 3. SHARING IS GOOD 15. DISCOVERABILITY 27. APPEARANCEThe ethos of Searching for Presentationeducation is Purpose a resource to Purpose can be part of Purposeto share use needs to the appeal.learning. Can Concerns be easy. But is Concerns The resource Concernsopen content Google really looks betterbe a sound Quality the place to Quality than ones we Qualityinvestment as Technology start? Do we Technology made. Technologywell as the need to Overall, howright thing to Resources develop our Resources important is Resourcesdo? search skills? appearance?CC-BY-NC CC-BY CC-BY
  6. 6. By Bruce Fingerhood artbeans/71575328/ ldhomer/39079430/ 172210681/ By rofltosh By Meer 4. PERSONALISATION 16. GRANULARITY 28. MY COMMUNITYReuse allows Does size If I belong to ause of more Purpose matter? Is it Purpose community Purposeresources, whi easier to already, thench equates Concerns reuse small Concerns is this the best Concernswith more bits of content place to lookchoice for Quality (assets), or is Quality for great Qualitystudents. Technology it preferable Technology reusable TechnologyIs there a to search for resources? Ordownside to Resources big, significant Resources would I miss Resourcesthis? resources? something?CC-BY-NC CC-BY CC-BY-NC-SA
  7. 7. By RambergMediaImages By Tom Magliery es/4881843809/ By kevin yezbick /3069729100/ bick/645922/ 5. FUNDING 17. RELIABILITY 29. QUALITY CHECKSIf funding is Linking to an Someavailable to Purpose external site Purpose Purpose collections/get involved in to use its Concerns Concerns repositories Concernsusing, making resources is offer qualityor sharing convenient.resources, the Quality But will the Quality assurance. Quality Others leave itn perhaps that Technology links always Technology Technology to users tois reason work when decide. Is QAenough to get Resources you need Resources Resources necessary?involved? them to?CC-BY-SA CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC-SA
  8. 8. @N08/2760640158/ By Darkest Before By: Stephen Curry By Masked-Bob n/115450247/ 637134223/ 6. POLICY 18. CONTEXT-FREE 30. PERSISTENCEThere has One theory is Learning tobeen support Purpose that stripping Purpose use a new Purposefor reuse and out context- repository‘sustainable Concerns specific Concerns takes time. Is Concernselearning’ in information knowing it willvarious policy Quality makes Quality be around and Qualitydocuments so Technology resources Technology maintained Technologyfar. Does this more easy to far into thego far Resources reuse. What Resources future Resourcesenough? do you think? important?CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY CC-BY-NC-SA
  9. 9. and dcmetroblogger/3298543398/ Linkware Freebie Image 5@N05/4275453227/ By: Photo Giddy By Wayan Vota 7. LEARN NEW STUFF 19. LICENSE TO USE 31. RATINGSDoes working Open licenses Reviews andwith other Purpose (e.g. Creative Purpose ratings are Purposepeople’s stuff Commons) let popular in e-offer effective Concerns resources be Concerns commerce. Concernsdevelopment? used without How far canOr would you Quality need for rights Quality you rely on Qualitymiss the Technology clearance. Is Technology these when Technologycreative thrill content you choosingof making Resources need open Resources between Resourcesyour own? licensed? resources?CC-BY-NC-SA Linkware Image CC-BY-NC and ‘Use however you want’
  10. 10. By elizabethcrispino homas/504369245/ By Thomas Thomas h/4395644454/ 2933197179/ By Solo 8. CUTTING COSTS 20. ADAPTABLE 32. KNOWN CREATORReusing Lego allows Is knowingresources or Purpose reuse of one Purpose who made the Purposeassets made component resourceelsewhere Concerns with others to Concerns important in Concernsshould cut make new selection?costs. Does it? Quality ones. It’s Quality Are there lots QualityOr are there Technology based on a Technology of brilliant Technology‘hidden’ costs standard. Is resources byin reusing Resources this important Resources unknowns out Resourcesresources? to reusability? there to find?CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC
  11. 11. By Profound Whatever ayvin/4177413458/ rymaya/480057790 andas/26838506/ By welovepandas By “maya” 9. RARITY 21. INNOVATION 33. RESEARCH-BASIS Resources Is it necessarySometimes it’s Purpose which make Purpose to have links Purposethe ‘only one’ innovative use to relevantavailable. If Concerns Concerns Concerns of technology research? Orthis is the case can be even properwould you Quality difficult to Quality referencing? Qualityreuse and be Technology produce. Is Technology Do resources Technologyprepared to this is a good used need tocompromise? Resources reason to Resources evidence ResourcesIf so, on what? reuse them? scholarship?CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY-NC
  12. 12. kliehm/2327822407/ hael/5396824640/ By Jaason Michael By Martin Kliehm /3121511810/ By Adam_T4 10. UP TO DATE? 22. INTER-OPERABLE 34. PROVED IN USEIs it important Do you expect Someto have the Purpose resources to Purpose reusable Purposemost up-to- ‘plug and play’ resources aredate version? Concerns into your own Concerns new creations. ConcernsDo you expect VLE? Would Others adaptthe creator to Quality having to Quality resources Qualitykeep it up to Technology reformat it be Technology already used Technologydate? Or once a significant with students.shared is their Resources turn-off and Resources Does this Resourcesjob done? deter reuse? matter?CC-BY-NC-SA CC-BY CC-BY-SA
  13. 13. ner86/262557229/ By Bludgeoner86 By Balazs Holios By Henry Faber er/28058869/ 14652483/ 11. CONVENIENCE 23. ACCESSIBLE 35. DESCRIPTIONAccess to Making Can theresources Purpose accessible Purpose description Purposeonline is now resources provide all theso convenient Concerns requires skill. Concerns information Concernsit can replace Do collections you ever needusing your Quality of resources Quality to decide to Qualityown HEI’s Technology help improve Technology use it? Technologyresources. Is support for Would a poorthere a Resources disabled Resources description Resourcesdownside? students? put you off?CC-BY CC-BY-NC CC-BY-NC
  14. 14. 1ders/2420388824/ By Chad Davis 3296379139/ By: Robbie1 By wwarby 21170064/ 12. SPEED/TIME 24. REPURPOSEABLE 36. NEW/IMPROVEDDo you need a Repurposing a Is reuse a wayresource fast? Purpose resource can Purpose Purpose to update andDon’t have just be about Concerns Concerns improve your Concernsthe time to making the teaching? If somake one? Do resource lookyou search Quality how you want Quality are you Quality attracted toand reuse? If Technology it to look. Is Technology Technology easy means ofso, does time this facility updating?searching Resources important to Resources Resources E.g. RSS:really pay off? you?CC-BY CC-BY-SA CC-BY
  15. 15. Investigating sharing & use of open resources orioleproject.blogspot.comUSE YOUR OWNDESIGN or this one