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2008 09 Participatory Philanthropy


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A presentation on participatory philanthropy for the Mission Future conference in Linz Austria, September 2008.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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2008 09 Participatory Philanthropy

  1. 1. Participatory Philanthropy How the wisdom of the crowds can improve and democratize the giving of
  2. 2. Isaac Newton 1643 - 1727
  3. 3. John Harrison 1693 - 1776
  4. 4. Philanthropy Then Andrew Carnegie financed the public library system in the US and Britain.
  6. 6. Who should decide how philanthropic money is given away? We should.
  7. 7. 1920’s - Columbia Finance professor Jack sociologist Hazel Knight Treynor asks his 56 students asks classroom to guess to guess how many jelly temperature. Their collective beans are in a jar. Their answer was only .4 degrees group estimate, 871, was off. only 21 off and closer than all but one individual guess. The Wisdom of Crowds
  8. 8. Open sourcing social solutions
  9. 9. Involvement & Expertise
  10. 10. - The Judges - Commenter The Crowd & The Experts
  11. 11. Idea Blob Users Choose What is Funded
  12. 12. Organic Food Vending Machines $10,000 to help start new business
  13. 13. Votes, Comments, and Advice
  14. 14. Knight News Challenge $5 Million every year for innovative journalism
  15. 15. Who will give away his money?