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MariaDB in Debian and Ubuntu: The next million users


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Presentation given at the MariaDB Developers Meetup 2016 in Amsterdam.

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MariaDB in Debian and Ubuntu: The next million users

  1. 1. MariaDB in Debian and Ubuntu: The next million users
  2. 2. ~60 % of web servers run Ubuntu or Debian 300 million serves that could run 'apt-get install mariadb-server' ? Debian and the hundreds of derivates, Ubuntu among others
  3. 3. MariaDB and MySQL packages in Debian
  4. 4. New: mysql-default-*
  5. 5. Debian popcon: mariadb-server
  6. 6. Debian popcon: mysql-server
  7. 7. MySQL not in next Debian at all? Debian security team member (2016-09-13): ”...whole discussion was about picking one version for stretch and that turned out to be mariadb-10.0.”
  8. 8. Builds for official and unofficial Debian platforms MariaDB 10.0 MySQL 5.6 Both build on most platforms, but MariaDB fail due to testsuite not passing
  9. 9. 130+ bugs in Debian for mysql-5.6 (entered Debian in summer 2015) Ubuntu 61 12 bugs in Debian for mariadb-10.0 Ubuntu 32
  10. 10.
  11. 11. What about 10.2? 1.Upstream the 10.0 packaging from official Debian into MariaDB master branch (10.2) 2.Submit 10.2 (pre-GA) to Debian experimental 3.Hope 10.2 is published GA early December 4.Submit 10.2 GA to Debian sid and hope we have time to get it into Debian 9 :)