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Large established economies in Europe 10 Disruptive Business Models


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Large established economies in Europe and the United States increasingly depend on creativity and knowledge to
compete with emerging economies in South-America, Asia and Africa. Luckily, creativity thrives in challenging market
conditions. Acquiring knowledge and skills however, requires a high quality educational culture, learning intelligence and
significant time investments from participants. By adding on-demand, adaptive and personalized educational products
and services to their value proposition, large educational institutions and educational publishers offer both younger and
older generations opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills in their own time and tempo. By sharing status stories
in communities, users are the driving force behind quality transparency and ongoing improvement of education. The
necessity to embrace feedback and to be present in online and mobile channels has never been more clear. In time,
pupils, students and professionals expect educational institutions and educational publishers to offer instant gratification,
to be always available, to grant unlimited access, to offer infinite choice and a personal learning and testing environment.
Differences between educational institutions and educational publishers will
fade as both move towards becoming educational service providers.
In an increasingly digital classroom and library, video content and interactive infographics will be king. Online and mobile
classrooms connect pupils, students and professionals, spread information cheaply and easily, accelerate communication
and put stakeholders and participants in control. Educational publishers that are serious about riding this wave of
disruption will not want to miss out on these. They will create collections of full video courses, which are enriched with
lecture transcripts, handouts, reading assignments, tests and problem sets. They will also develop, co-create and share
infographics and games that allow for interaction and deep user engagement. The ubiquity of reviews means that savvy
audiences can see, hear and discuss every educational institution, teacher, tutoring service, textbook and educational
game that is available in the global marketplace. Educational institutions that lead the online conversation rather than
respond to it, will thrive as customers feel more comfortable in the quality of the educational products and services

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