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Produced by Thaesis supports the 10 Disruptive Business Models


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Produced by
Thaesis supports the executive management, shareholders and potential
acquirers of organizations in designing and realising winning strategies that
lead to sustainable business results. The activities of Thaesis can be divided
into three areas: strategy, transitions and research. Our 100+ client portfolio
includes ABN AMRO, BBC, Bruna, Cyrte, De Persgroep, HP, IDTV, ING,
LexisNexis, Metro, Rabobank, Reed Elsevier, VNU Media and WPG.
•  Independent strategy firm
•  Located in Hilversum, the Netherlands
•  Discovery of business logic
•  Acceleration of new business
•  Focus on rapidly changing markets
•  Business development
•  Growth strategies
•  Management of transitions
•  Strategic due diligence
•  Post-merger acceleration strategies
Partners at Thaesis
Company established in 2006

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