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Supported by is an 10 Disruptive Business Models


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Supported by is an independent and opinionated trend
firm, scanning the globe for the most promising consumer
trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas. For the
latest and greatest, relies on their world-
wide network of hundreds of spotters in more than 120
Their paid services include a Premium Service including a
Trend Database, 15 Industry Trend Reports and the 2013 Trend
Report, speaking engagements, and Global Consumer Trend
Seminars in 13 cities in 11 countries.
Established in 2002, coordinates a world-
wide network of analysts and spotters from its London office. BV is incorporated in the Netherlands. Its
sister-site is Springwise New Business Ideas.
Their trend findings help marketers, CEOs, researchers, and
anyone else interested in the future of business and consu-
merism, to dream up new goods, services and experiences for
(or even better, with) their customers.
Many of these findings are aggregated in a free monthly
Trend Briefing, which is sent in 9 languages (English, Chinese,
Korean, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Portu-
guese) to 160,000+ business professionals in more than 180

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