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Governments are in the middle 10 Disruptive Business Models


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Governments are in the middle of an economic crisis (or an economic boom), rising (or absent) unemployment numbers,
ageing (or rejuvenating) populations and climate change. Governments from around the world are also faced with
changes in expectations from citizens, civil society and businesses. These changes in expectations are accelerated by
heavily adopted media technologies that are lifting traditional restrictions to participation and communication. Our
collective challenges increasingly span national, regional or local borders and require resources and expertise to be
mobilized on a scale that far exceeds existing structures and procedures. The pace to which governments are currently
adapting and evolving is insufficient. Networks, not institutions, across public, private and non-profit sectors are needed
to co-develop and co-create public value. Networks have no sole leader but do need to be regulated to protect a fair
distribution of value between its members. The size of the civil service will be significantly reduced by transforming top-
down public procedures into bottom-up community services. Careful and reliable governments will be disrupted by
responsive and adaptive public networks.
Governments, as opposed to businesses, are more than willing to share best
practices in the development of community services. A common strategy to
create social value in public networks will create synergies on a global scale.
Our democracies will correspondingly embrace technocratic principles to enable social value in public networks. Open
data and open access are steps towards open governments, in which perspectives from all stakeholders can be
incorporated in decision-making and problem-solving. The most important shift in disrupting public organizations and
governments is the shift from performance to value. While performance is a metric based on the institutional activities,
value is only measurable from the point of view of citizens or private parties. And whether these are located in developed
or emerging economies, their social entrepreneurship can leverage the innovative potential of entrepreneurship for social
and economical development. Keywords of our future public organizations and governments are: transparent, responsive,
adaptive and fair. To stay relevant and effective, public organizations and governments will continuously evolve.

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