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padmahasa november 2016 resume.Doc

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padmahasa november 2016 resume.Doc

  1. 1. RESUME PADMAHASA M ph - 8050830476 Bangalore mail id – Career Objective Intend to build a career with a leading organization and a creative environment which will help me realize my potential to the maximum by taking up the challenging assignments I will be offered and thereby evolving myself to the fullest in contributing to the growth of the organization. Roles and Responsibilities: IP configuration, creating swap partition in real time, create wheel user, Sudo applied for user and group as per our client requirement. • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of various server Control panel such as SolusVM, WHMCS etc.. • Remote O.S installation via KVM/XEN, OPENVZ over server and install server via network. • fsck over filesystem and checking FSTAB entry etc. • Server bandwidth monitoring and DDOS tracking using iftop, iptraf tools. • Moving Xen/KVM guests & OpenVZ VMs from one node to another node. • Configure backup setup for Xen and OpenVZ virtualization servers • Troubleshooting boot up problems via remote tools. • Remotely accessing the server via SSH terminal and troubleshooting issues. • Setting the cron jobs as per the client requirements. • Monnitoring the network through “RACKUS”. • Solving tickets from the server issues by SolusVM and WHMCS control pannel. sSolving Jira tickets in Atlassian cloud . • Maintaing whole infracture.
  2. 2. CERTIFICATION COURSE NAME INSTITUTE NAME YEAR CCNA NIIT 2012 Java Jspider 2015 TECHNICAL SKILLS • Operating Systems - Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos, Ubuntu,Windows, Debain, fedora. • Process / Load Monitor – ps/top, iftop, vmstat, iostat, sar, w, uptime, iptraf, tcpdump, • nmap & Nagios monitoring etc. • Partition/Disk Management- fdisk, tune2fs, resize2fs, e2fsck, fsck, parted, raid, df, • Internal Storage- Configuring and managing various types of RAID and LVM base partitions. • User management and File management - Useradd, usermod, chown, chmod, chage, • quota setup, cp, mv, rsync, scp,etc. • Searching Commands – find, grep • Security- IP Tables, CSF, TCP, SSH. Preventing DDOS attack using IP Tables and Other security tools, hardening the server etc. • Systems rescue/Hardware: Consoling through IPMI, KVM, Booting the server via rescue, single user, Live CD and troubleshooting. • Control panel: SolusVM, WHMCS, etc.. • Installing and configuring services like NFS, SAMBA, FTP, SSH, TELNET and DHCP WORK EXPIRENCE COMPANY NAME : Trio IT solution pvt ltd DESIGNTION : JR.Linux Administration EXPIRENCE : 1.5 years
  3. 3. Basic Academic Credential Qualification Passing Year Institute Name University / Board Percentage MCA 2015 The Oxford College of Engineering, Bommanahall i. Visvesvaraya Technological University. 71% BSc 2012 Reddy Jana Sangha First Grade College Bangalore University. 53.79% S.S.L.C 2005 R.S.High School Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board 52.32% Technical Skills Language Core Java,HTML,SQL,J2EE,PHP Design pattern Model View Controller(MVC),Collections, Database Oracle 10g(SQL,PL/SQL) ,MySql Tools used Eclipse ,MS Office Operating System worked on Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, Kali. Achievements • Secured 2nd place in “Dance” during B.Sc • Secured 2nd place in “Dance” Competition during P.U.C. • Secured 1st place in “running Race” Competition during B.Sc • Completed ORACLE certified course. • Participated in cultural Events in “OXYTECH-2013”fest. • Attended computer Assembly Workshop on “NETWORKING”. Hobbies • Surfing net for innovative information. • Listening music and Stamp collection. • Reading News Papers and Books. • Dancing . • Listening music.
  4. 4. Personal Details Full Name PADMAHASA M Date of Birth 29thDecember, 1989 Father’s Name Muniswamy A Languages Known Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil Declaration I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge. Place: Bangalore (Padmahasa M)