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Mobile patient engagement for private pay physicians attract, engage, care, retain - pdf


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Mobile patient engagement for private pay physicians attract, engage, care, retain - pdf

  1. 1. Mobile PRM Attract | Engage | Care | Retain Transforming Patient Relationships for Private Pay Physicians
  2. 2. Mobile Patient Engagement >> for new models of private pay care • Enhance holistic patient care between appointments & in the office • Differentiate from competitors attract and retain patients through added services • Empower patients through customer-centered design to get well and stay well • KISS philosophy easy for you, patients, families, staff • Built on an advanced health platform foundation for future of mobile health • Turn-key package keeps your focus on patient care • SaaS pricing pennies a day per patient + scales with your business • Five star customer service, your success is our success • Professional services, white label, disease-state, education, clinician dashboard, outreach programs
  3. 3. • Increase value through mobile health management • Build engaging 24x7 relationships • Daily reminders = daily value of your service • Increase services without adding staff • Open a 1:1 marketing channel for the future • Build patient loyalty “stickiness” Mobile solutions attract and retain patients Standout from your Competitors
  4. 4. Mobile PRM Advanced Healthcare Platform >> Mobile and Desktop Desktop Manage connections, setup treatment plans, goals, bio- metrics tracking, view reports, upload files. Mobile Receive reminders, record responses, view data.
  5. 5. Enhance Patient Care Bridge the Gap Between Office Visits • Send medication, activity and event reminders • Capture patient behaviors, bio-metrics, goals, compliance • Monitor patient activities • Provide patients anytime access to their health record and wellness plans • Supports holistic, preventative medical care
  6. 6. Mobile view Help Patients Follow a Wellness Plan Daily schedule at a glance. Record metrics.
  7. 7. Provide Easy Access to Health Information
  8. 8. Enhance Patient Care During Office Visits • Setup personalized wellness programs; track any goal, any metric • Review and compare patient reported data • Support chronic disease management, spot risks • Quick access to centralized patient information for care coordination
  9. 9. Account Sharing with Caregivers and Clinicians • Account sharing and single log-on to multiple accounts • Account access controlled by patient • Audit trail tracking • Care team communication Patients control account access. Clinicians manage multiple accounts
  10. 10. Setup and Monitor Personalized Wellness Programs • Set any type of physical goal • Monitor by metrics or yes/no “don’t break the chain” • Remind, record, compare and track • Review patient reported data.
  11. 11. Mobile view Improve Medication Management & Compliance Text, push or email reminders Manage medication schedule Click to confirm
  12. 12. Mobile view Keep a Health Record Patients and clinicians maintain data Patients/caregivers complete history at on-boarding
  13. 13. Turn-key Solution Focus your time on patients, not technology • Desktop, iPhone & Android Apps • Tier-1 Hosting • Messaging costs • Software updates and enhancements • Staff training and ongoing support • Patient support, online or on the phone
  14. 14. Foundation for the Future of Mobile Health Patient relationship platform, mobile applications, desktop, backend software and analytics Healthcare Providers Devices/ Apps Data Mining Pharmacy PRM Platform PHR Education Feedback Adherence Community Patient Information
  15. 15. • Priced to grow as you grow • Predictable expense • Incentive for us to increase your adoption and satisfaction Pennies Patient/Day SaaS pricing easy to start, scales with your business
  16. 16. Five Star Customer Service Your Success is our Success • 3 hour support response during business hours • Access to our senior management team – at any time • Professional services – marketing & engineering talent trained by the largest enterprise software companies • Tier 1 hosting – 99% uptime, facility and data security • Collaborative, ongoing enhancements • HIPAA compliant - bank-level security and encryption.
  17. 17. • Top talent with enterprise software background: software engineers, product managers, marketers • Branded desktop and mobile app for all of your offices • Customize instances for disease-states • Integration to your EHR • Marketing support – from website design to direct mailers, we’ll help get the word out. Flexibility to fit Your Business Strategy Professional Services
  18. 18. White Label >> Your brand or RememberItNow! Your brand on splash screen Your brand – monthly report Your brand - desktop
  19. 19. Contact us to get started. It’s quick and painless. Happy family with grand parents Take a test drive. or download the iPhone or Android app.