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Qi Comm


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Telecom Sector

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Qi Comm

  1. 1. Wholesale Voice Over Broadband WhOlesale BrOadBand VOICe sOlutIOn enaBlIng PrIVate-laBel VOIP serVICe PrOVIsIOn QICOmm’s mOdular sOlutIOn InCludes : adVanCed tdm / VOIP netWOrk & telePhOny Features BIllIng and rePOrtIng CustOmer selF serVICe POrtal serVICe PrOVIder serVICe management POrtal PrOjeCt management deVICe management & suPPOrt QICOmm gsm / WIFI VOBB dual PhOne QICOmm Pstn / VOBB dual PhOne QICOmm WIFI BrOadBand rOuter WIth 2 Pstn POrts QICOmm sOFtPhOne telCO systems IntegratIOn WIreless netWOrks CarrIer serVICes managed serVICes WhOlesale VOICe OVer BrOadBand
  2. 2. Wholesale Voice Over Broadband QiComm’s Wholesale Voice over Broadband solution, enables service providers or brand owners to add VoIP to your portfolio of ISP services quickly and cost effectively. Our solution is modular, fully featured, and enables your customers to make high quality calls over the internet giving both good prices to end customers and good margins for operators. WhOlesale VOICe OVer BrOadBand Our Outsourced Consumer VoBB WhOlesale VOICe OVer BrOadBand Solution Provides : QiComm’s Wholesale Broadband Voice (VoBB) solution, enables Service Providers to offer an own branded fully Network & Features. featured Class 5 (End User) VoIP telephony service. Billing & Reporting. Our Wholesale VoIP Platform is highly scalable, and Hardware & Software. can grow as your customer base increases. Ours is also a modular approach, enabling Service Providers to Client Web Interface. decide which elements of the VoIP Service they wish to Service Provider Portal. outsource and which they want to keep in house. Customer Service By partnering with QiComm, you can minimise your + Helpdesk Support. capital and operational expenditure, and enables you to enter the VoIP market quickly and cost effectively. Project Management. QiComm provides extensive project management as part of our end to end Wholesale Hosted Consumer VoIP solution.
  3. 3. Wholesale Voice Over Broadband “QiComm helped every step of the way, and helped us launched our consumer VoIP service quickly and cost effectively.” BeneFIts FOr WhOlesale ClIents CPe 2 - Pstn and VOIP dual PhOne Enables existing customer bases Leverages partners, channels, brands and marketing Scalable, cost effective and global product Offers multiple recurring revenue streams Offers high returns on invested capital Ensures quality of customer experience QICOmm Versus Our COmPetItOrs Connects to the QiComm Voice Network enabling low cost ,high quality VoIP calls 2-in-1 Cordless Telephone - PSTN and VoIP Superiour Voice Quality On Screen Information Services Wireless freedom with a DECT handset. Connnect up to 8 handsets to this unit. CPe 1 - dual gsm and VOIP OVer WIFI CPe 3 - WIFI BrOadBand rOuter WIth tWO VOIP Pstn POrts Connects to the QiComm Voice Network enabling low cost, high quality VoIP calls for your customers Advanced WiFi Broadband Router with 2 standard phone ports enable feature-rich telephone service over your internet connection. Connects into the QiComm Voice Network. Share your high speed internet connection with multiple Dual Mode Handset VoIP over WiFi AND GSM computers. 4 Ethernet Ports, USB and WiFi Connectivity GSM tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) Supports Quality of Service for clear telephone reception Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and SIP DHCP, and Universal Plug and Play ( UPnP)
  4. 4. Wholesale Voice Over Broadband With over a decade of VoIP Solutions experience, QiComm is a global leader in providing outsourced white-label VoIP solutions for Telecom, Cable, Internet and Wireless Service Providers. QiComm offers unparalleled expertise, fast time to market and reduced investment to bring your VoIP product to market. CPe 4 - sOFtPhOne exPerIenCe yOu Can trust QiComm has over ten years experience in VoIP Platform Development. We have successfully delivered Outsourced VoIP Solutions to Carriers, Telco’s and Service Providers. Our solutions are scalable, robust, and offer a world class VoIP hosting environment. High Quality Calls and Next Generation Services ( Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Conference, Caller ID, Case study FOne2 Video Calling.) WhOlesale VOICe OVer BrOadBand Free on net calls for end customers. FONE2 is a successful long distance internet telephone Both PC & MAC Compatable and east to install. company based in the UK with over 100,000 customer accouts. QiComm has worked with FONE2 since BrOadBand VOICe - Features inception, and as FONE2 has grown, the capacity of their Network has kept pace - giving FONE2 the flexibility it QiComms Broadband Voice Services include: needed. Carrier Class local, mobile, international and VoIP calls for your customers. FONE2 needed a responsive partner who could deliver to FONE2 a scalable and solid VoIP platform. QiComm Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Transfer. provides the Internet Account Signup Process, and a SMS / Voice Mail / Conference calling. Customer Care Portal, where customers can look up information about their account and calls. E-Fax /Follow me roaming /Virtual calling card. A wide range of Voice over Broadband phones and QiComm developed the Standard Service Provider wireless products for resale to customers. Portal, to provide the on demand real time information that was needed to manage their business. COntaCt InFO Corporate Headquarters UK London Sri Lanka Network House, 15 High Street Floor 1 & 2, Challenger Hse, 8th Floor, McLarens Building Hampton Hill, TW12 1NB, 42 Adler Street, E1 1EE, 123 Bauddhaloka Mawatha Middlesex, United Kingdom. London, United Kingdom Colombo 4, Sri Lanka T: +44(0) 208 635 5555 T: +44 (0) 207 177 6000 Tel:+94 11 2501902 F: +44(0) 208 635 5550 F: +44 (0) 207177 6060 Fax:+94 11 2580608 For additional information, please contact QiComm’s Wholesale Broadband Voice Team on + 44 (0) 208 635 5555, visit us online at or via email at