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The young people that are going to rebuild Romania


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An illustrated journey through who are the young people that can change the face of Romania. And the one thing that you (person, company, parent, teacher, whoever) can do to help them.

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The young people that are going to rebuild Romania

  1. Who / How are the people who are going to rebuild Romania?*and what is the one thing you can do to help them?
  2. They are creative…At home and in “the office”
  3. They are social și sociable.They live, learn, work and have fun in groups.
  4. They are curious and open minded.
  5. They value precision and pay attention to details.
  6. But they also prize equilibrium and want balanced lives.
  7. They are enthusiastic and contagiousregarding the things they believe in.
  8. And most importantly each one of them has a cause / personal revolution.And a tribe with whom they are making it happen.
  9. Some of them are starters / founders
  10. Others are followers / supporters
  11. All of them are proactive and engaged with what they believe in.
  12. And they are unreasonable about thethings that bother them in the world around them. And they do things to change the status quo, without expecting help from the system. Because their personalrevolution has to happen. No matter what!
  13. And in the process of making these revolutions come true…
  14. They are organized and act forcefully
  15. And demand their rights
  16. But they are also solution oriented and willing to build along side others
  17. They attract endorsers
  18. They learn from the best
  19. But also from each other
  20. In their own way
  21. Învață de la cei mai buniAnd they make people part of their cause / revolution
  22. They see potential where other people don’t
  23. And they are willing to work together and put in the effort
  24. To make their vision come true
  25. And they have fun along the way...
  26. We’ve spoken about them in general. We have a profile. But they are real and doing stuff right around the corner. Now, let’s meet some of them.
  27. We know these people. We admire them.We want to help them.
  28. What have we learned about these young revolutionaries?
  29. They are intrinsically motivated. They do things they believe in and they fight for their convictions.Each one of them has a cause / a personal revolution that drives them.
  30. They are interested in action, producing results. They are doers.
  31. They form tribes around their causes. And their tribe / cause is the most important thing in the world to them. For it they are willing to fight their family,friends, teachers and even the system itself.
  32. Some are igniters.Others are amplifiers.
  33. They trust people / brands that prove stuff. That walk the talk.
  34. So if you want to help these incredible people and help restart RomaniaYou have to do only one thing…
  35. Trust them and……help them with their cause. Anyway you can. They will do the rest.
  36. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret MeadThank you! Thank them! salut @ /