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Currency exchange scandal by pay pal, amazon and ebay with millions in iranian rial sales


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Americans are illegally buying Iranian Rial, while PayPal and other two are helping them in open defiance of US law and international sanctions against Iran
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Currency exchange scandal by pay pal, amazon and ebay with millions in iranian rial sales

  1. 1. ' - 15?"-C= .¥! 't‘t. ‘.‘i. ?'e’, %':9l'l: “:i; :.: éElilY| E?‘i‘lil@ L I T N I, ll ‘7ijl§'l§: '§I§F@Q1l§[§EJ: lIE§§i'i&Iflll'§lIlfl: 'lTl§§}iIm1j§ ’ (>3 Whether knowingly or unknowingly Americans buy Iranian Rial illegally, while eBay, Amazon and PayPal help them in open defiance of the U. S. law and international sanctions against Iran.
  2. 2. IT'S STILL ILLEGAL TO BUY | RAi“llAi~! RIAL fit Right now, the Iranian Rial is being sold widely even though it's illegal _; ) 1 for Americans to own. As of August 201 5 Americans cannot legally -’ I‘ purchase IRR. Yet, U. S. authorities are allowing these sales. Until the sanctions are lifted or the authorities act to stop illegal currency sales, the booming U. S. black market in Rial will continue to thrive. You can find the link to the full text of the President's Executive Order in the sources section at the bottom of this infographic. In particular, Section 2 (i) says: -I a (i) that the person has materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or I technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any Iranian person ~ ’ included on the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (SDN List) (other than an Iranian depository institution whose property and interests in property are blocked solely pursuant to Executive Order 13599 of February 5, 2012) or any other person included on the SDN List whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this paragraph or Executive Order 13599 (other than an Iranian depository institution whose property and interests in property are blocked solely pursuant to Executive Order I3599);
  3. 3. IT'S STILL ILLEGAL TO BUY ll-IlIi~ll: i>. i~l IIII-IL So, why aren't these companies being held accountable for violating the EXECUIIIIO OICIOI? When Americans buy Iranian Rial through sellers with listings on eBay, Amazon and other platforms, PayPal processes the transactions, and thus provides the Iranian govemment with access to American cash via currency smugglers and organized crime. Remember According the U. S. govemment, Iran is still a “STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM". You can read more about it by following a link to the U. S. State Department's terrorist list provided in the ‘Sources’ section at the bottom of this infographic.
  4. 4. There is no legal way to Buyers of Iranian Rial may be naive or unaware that the economic sanctions against Iran are still in force and legally prohibit them from buying or possessing IRR. But, PayPal and other major corporations that should be savvy about financial regulations are instead openly ignoring the UN and U. S. government sanctions. Either U. S. government watchdogs haven't noticed that Americans are eager to buy Rial They've overlook PayPal and other corporate scoff at laws as they continue to break the sanctions against Iran.
  5. 5. Along history of economic SAi! CT|0i~! S AGAINST IR. ’-Iii! Many GOVERNMENTS and INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES have imposed strong economic and financial sanctions against Iran over the years to force Iran to abandon its URANIUM ENRICHMENT PROJECTS, and these sanctions are still supposed to be enforced. You can access more information of the subject by referring to the links in "Sources" section at the bottom. The U. S. was the first nation to place Even before any serious concerns arose Q sanctions on IRAN AFTER THE regarding nuclear proliferation, in I995 the _ IRANIAN REVOLUTION IN T979, and U. S. government expanded its original trade I. ' has been the leader in enforcing sanctions to PROHIBIT COMPANIES FROM I 'f’? r , internationalrestrictions ever since. DOING BUSINESS WITH THE IRANIAN """""""" " : GOVERNMENT. In coordination with the U. S., the United Nations Security Council has enacted a long list of sanctions against Iran over the years.
  6. 6. It also froze the assets of certain key companies and individuals involved with the Iranian nuclear O In 2006 the SECURITY COUNCIL ISSUED Next came Resolution 1737. which changed RESOLUTION 1696 which requested that 6 6 the UN's effort from a request the Iranian government stop IIS uranium to a demand, and imposed sanctions against enrichment activities. NUCLEAR RELATED BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. The following UN action was Security _ _ — Those sanctions were followed by Council Resolution 1803 in 2008. This ® RESOLUTION 1747 IN 2007. which extended the asset freezing even further H II I L J T imposed an overall arms embargo and required states to monitor activities of while expanding the freezing of Iranian banks and financial institutions ‘ ‘ — , , i 1 . ~ Iranian assets and further “_. ‘ I‘, ’ J L’ " I3 prohibiting financial x ' '* ' I ' dealings between AMERICANS AND ( ‘ ’ r _i N, I 7“ IRANIAN BUSINESSES AND A ‘ - A I‘, . _ A ‘I7; ORGANIZATIONS. If I I I 5‘ ‘ Y; ’ at W A. V I‘ Subsequent Resolutions finetuning and tightening the sanctions include RESOLUTION 1835 in 2008, L@ RESOLUTION 2049, which extended the RESOLUTION 1929 in 2010 and RESOLUTION 1984 mandate period for the Iran Sanctions in 2011 to further tighten the noose around the Committee for another year. Iranian economy
  7. 7. Beyond the U. S., the European Union and various other countries have imposed their own sanctions against Iran because of its ln 201 2 the EU imposedan oil embargo __ ‘ L Australia and Canada have also against Iran, and to freeze certain imposed financial restrictions and Iranian central bank assets on in The Same V93‘ nealll’ 3" ”3"l3“ other sanctions against Iran. deposit in Eumpe. banks were disconnected from SWIFT, which is the world's electronic interbank communications platform. the Iranian Rial and economy
  8. 8. Here are the activities specifically outlawed under various provisions of Invest in Iran, which means to buy Iranian Rial Facilitate any kind of trade with Iran, including buying Iranian products such 0 as physical Rial currency Deposit money into or maintain money in the O Iranian banking system, as occurs when Americans buy and hold Rial Import any goods or valuables from Iran, which happens when dealers bring Rial ©jf into the U. S. for sale to Americans Logically, these successive layers of restrictions and sanctions apply to all toms of Iranian banking and financial transactions, including currency sales in which Americans buy Rial from dealers online or in person.
  9. 9. ECONOMIC SANCTIONS? NOT WHEN YOU BUY IRANIAN RIAL USING I; '?.3:—-8.’, ;. =.i. .i. r--. T/.0;-. ' OR Pr. -.‘. ’P, :‘. L The U, S.hosted RIAL . ‘.'. ,’-Rl(E IPLACE is growing quickly sales on ebay alone are in excess of I .9 million for the last 90 days! Investors buy the currency I} -3 online from listings posted on eBay, Amazon or other platforms, then PayPal 5?" , ’ and other payment processors facilitate the transactions. / However, such activities clearly appear to be contrary to PayPal’s published Acceptable Use Policy. In particular, as shown in the image below, Section 3(g) Look at 3(g) of PayPal‘s Policy specifically forbids transactions involving currency exchanges. You can read the full document by following the link listed in the “Sources" section at the bottom.
  10. 10. ECONOMIC SANCTIONS? NOT WHEN YOU BUY IRANIAN RIAL USING EBAY, AMAZON OR PAYPAL Ordinary RETAIL BUYERS shouldn't be blamed, since the currency is being offered so widely based on the CREDIBILITY OF THESE MAJOR COMPANIES. ‘II. (.2? It's difficult to believe that senior decision . makers at PayPa| , eBay and Amazon could be unaware that illegal currency is being actively A sold through their platforms. sales, as shown in the sample advertisement Worse, these companies are actively targeting of consumers with advertising to achieve more shown below.
  11. 11. IRANIAN RIAL IS BEING OPENLY AND WIDELY SOLD ON EBAY AND AMAZON For American investors who already BUY RIAL, the economic sanctions against Iran are irrelevant. Either . .-. . . ' '. Nobody has told them that buying IRR . ... . . , _ or conducting any other financial " I “'97,” 5° °°9°”°. °"’“ "3"'a“ business with this ‘mam NATION‘ is R . ¢U"e"°Itha"h€YIU8ld°"'l°af€- against the law, As of late August 2015 there were approximately 700 active listings on eBay through which mostly professional sellers offer Iranian Rial banknotes to anyone who wants to buy IRR. ILLEGAL RIAL SALES IN THE U. S. appear to be growing, although the evidence is only anecdotal at this point.
  12. 12. EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL SALES OF lRl‘. ll~! l.l7iI~l BIA Here’s a sample of the sales volumes from eBay Yurilll 633,380.56| hllp ebay cor . ll. isr ytril I I7_: rl; sid= p2G£T675.l2559 VSlU9mII<e2 340,666.39 I hit; “ ebay com. usr. ~. sl; ghtI5-: .e27_trl: s:d= p204i6*5 I2559 J°l| YW°°dlllmS 77,560.73 I hllp ebaymmiusrliolIvwoiidflln1s? _tri: sid= p204?675,l2559 Massuel I l3,276.27 I I"-ii, D.l ebay com ‘lusrlmassuer7,1rl: s:d= p20£T6i5.D559 Khakius20I4 I 5.927.65| hltp Ir~i‘i. v.~i. -ineba: iccmsr. «ihal. ;cs2oi47_: :i; srd= p2oi7s75.i25s9 F8I3.d3I3 l3,IIO.92| htlpiillmwn ebay ccmil’usvvur‘I I I 7_trl: sid= p’3iI4iE.75 l2559 COIleClibIeS*pIUS*arI |3,336| httpIlwr. I‘r. :ebay com*Lsrl~Ccl7ect bles‘olus‘ari7_t'l: s;o= p2U476i5 Ill-359 MIb3"k"°l95 I 9.l87.26l httpl‘ ebay con usrlmibenknotes°_trI: s2:l= o2C47675 |25E9 Gizmo20I0mike 6I,9I2.07|hltpj/ /i'Il'. ".*. ',etai. :cinlusr1'gl: ms23i‘]n‘iil<e? _trl;3id= p2[I4T
  13. 13. ARE AMERICANS WHO BUY IRANIAN RIAL SCOFFLAWS OR FARSIGHTED INVESTORS? From the apparent volume of retail sales on eBay, Amazon and other online platfomts as noted above, it seems that Americans are INCREASINGLY EAGER TO BUY THE RIAL. Although it's difficult to speculate on the reasons WHY PEOPLE PURCHASE IRR, it's possible that they're buying Rial for the same reasons investors have recently been BUYING IRAQI DINAR and other FOREIGN CURRENCIES. You can leam by following the link listed in the ‘Sources’ section at the bottom. If the demographic is similar, many Within the mass of Americans who look to buy W small-scale Rial buyers are seeking Iranian Rial online from ILLEGAL SELLERS AT an opportunity to achieve large EBAY AND AMAZON, there may be some g gains from relatively small larger, institutional investors who seek to make investments. _ a "play" on the Iranian economy before the 5} sanctions are removed. Unlicensed and illegal currency dealers are also ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS and beneficiaries of the black market for Rial in the U. S.
  14. 14. ARE AMERICANS WHO BUY IRANIAN RIAL SCOFFLAWS OR FARSIGHTED INVESTORS? To demonstrate the ease at which currency can be purchased we purchased from several of the dealers and then notified PayPal about the illegal activity and nothing was ever done. These are brand new never circulated notes directly Since Rial banknotes are illegal in the U. S. and are available only from the Iranian banking system, there must be a network of Iranian financial agents whose task it is to help support the value of the IRR while hamessing the power of the U. S. banking system. from the Iran Central bank. When Americans buy IRR from Iranian sellers, the money received may be directly benefiting I Yet, tI'| ES€ investors 8I'€ ignoring the sanctions in droves. So, are Americans right or wrong when I they buy Iranian Rial? terrorism. This is contrary to the wording and the spirit of the sanctions against Iran.
  15. 15. WHY U. S. CORPORATIONS HELP AMERICAN CITIZENS ILLEGALLY BUY IRANIAN RIAL Although Americans purchase Rial for a variety of reasons. including the desire to profit from an expected rise in the currency's value once sanctions are lifted, the reasons why major U. S. corporations help them evade those sanctions Corporations like PayPal, eBay and Amazon would seem to have little to gain and much to lose by openly allowing sales of a commodity (Rial banknotes} that are clearly illegal under current U. S. law. These American companies host Rial sellers routinely, apparently without qualifying them to learn whether they're U. S. citizens or perhaps Iranian citizens or others acting on behalf of the Iranian government or business interests. Or, perhaps the marketplace is too small for the in-house compliance staff at PayPal to notice the widespread sanctions-busting activities of the buyers and sellers on their banking platform. are less clear. However, PayPa| staff have been made aware of this illegal activity several times, yet they still refuse to comply with the law. P P0 y aebaf The only sure way to learn why PayPal, Amazon and eBay are participating in, indeed creating this illegal online marketplace would be for the appropriate authorities to ask them about their practices. The feds are overlooking the Rial sales industry for political reasons, such as not wanting to derail diplomatic discussions underway. Perhaps the authorities haven't been made fully aware of this large-scale circumvention of the sanctions against Iran.
  16. 16. FOR THOSE WHO BUY IRANIAN RIAL. .. PAYPAL, EBAY Ii AMAZON HELP EVADE GOVERNMENT SANCTIONS Major corporations are openly breaking U. S. federal law and international sanctions by creating, hosting and participating in the ONLINE RIAL SALES MARKETPLACE. ' The soonexpected REMOVAL OF SANCTIONS is certainly fueling Americans’ eagerness to buy Iranian Rial, yet it's too early to know whether the value of the Rial will rise or fall after the sanctions are lifted. Until the sanctions against Iran are actually removed by UN and U. S. authorities, the illegalyetoverlooked online RIAL SALES are certainly strengthening the Iranian govemmem’s bargaining position while weakening that of the U. S. GOVERNMENT.
  17. 17. THE Fl| AL'S FUTURE As signaled in recent reports from financial news organizations, the anticipated easing of sanctions. together with improved relations between Iran and the U. S. as well as other nations. is expected to boost the value of the Rial. IN TH”; MEANTIME, until or unless U. S. authorities cut the BANKING CONNECTIONS by which PAVPAL, EBAY, AMAZON and other American companies are undermining the govemmem’s intemational credibility and strength, Americans will continue to buy Rial and use the U. S. banking system to feed the Iranian government. 7 WHY CURRENCYLIQUIDATORCOM FULL RELEASED THIS STORY DISCLOSURE As a licensed money services business (MSB) we're We're a foreign currency exchange and offer a wide required by law to report illegal activities in our industry. variety of foreign currencies from around the world. As Prior to the publication of this report. several attempts were of the original publication date of this report (early made to inform PayPal, eBay and Amazon regarding the September 2015) the Rial isn't yet iegal for sale. Once continuing illegal use of their platforms, yet the black the Iranian Rial becomes legal to sell, we'll offer it to market Rial sales continues. you through our Buy Iranian Rial page.
  18. 18. i CURRI-ZNCYLlQgJll)A'l'OR [ _‘ m. -.. ,.. au. +:w IuLu: v-, rrv, -,(_; -Imp . ‘LLL