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The Convergence of Search & Social

This presentation was given by Jon Wegman at Cisco's Social Media Summit 2013.

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The Convergence of Search & Social

  1. 1. 1Social Media as a Search Prism04.13 Cisco – Understanding the Next Wave of Social Media
  2. 2. 2AboutPerformics+25% Of revenue derivedfrom shared client ROI.Founded in 1998, and named the“original Performance Marketing Firm”by Forrester Research.
  3. 3. 31. Networkacquired a groupof local hospitalsand expanded theIT commitment2. BookmarkedSME sourcesprovide topicinsights, articlesand categories*3. Google widensthe knowledgebase and providesmultiple researchpaths4. Google ShoppingProduct Listing Ads(PLAs) provideimmediate price /content comparison5. Click throughprovidesadditional productinformation andpeer reviews8. Relevantarchivedcontent createsnew searchqueries…7. Links toTwitter furtherthe discussion,and #Cisco deeplinks to blog6. A SEO optimizedblog ranks well forcore switches andprovides further 3rdparty opinion
  4. 4. 4Source: Google – Cross Screen Report 2012Base: Total Respondents (1611). Q. How often do you start an activity (i.e. emailing, researching, or shopping) on one device, but continue it or finishdoing it at a later time on adifferent device?We Rely on Search toMove Between Devices
  5. 5. 5SocialandMobileBehaviorDriveContentandAccessFragmentation,which,inturncreatesmulti-channel“Search”DependenciesFeedback LoopsAdditional Discovery
  6. 6. 6Formula-basedoptimizationstrategiesarecriticalEdgeRank PageRanku is dependent on the PageRank values for each pagev contained in the set Bu (the set containing all pages linking topage u), divided by the number L(v) of links from page v
  7. 7. 7TheRiseofthe“HumanAlgorithm”We are increasingly seeking out context-rich results- Amazon Reviews, RatemyFood, TripAdvisorNew “People-Powered” Platform integrations- Facebook Graph Search, Bing Social Results SidebarSocial content is highly influential for engine ranking- Timing, Relevancy, Links, Click-Through, etc..
  8. 8. 8SocialMediaasaSearchPrismforDecisionMakingSearcherDirected IntentSocial Media Prism User-Generated ContextACTIVATIONIndirectInfluenceSERP(s)Site(s)Social Platform(s)DISCOVERY PARTICIPATION
  9. 9. 9ThePowerof“User-GeneratedContext”
  10. 10. 10Performic’sSocial SearchApproachIdentity / valueDISCOVERY PARTICIPATIONACTIVATIONSERPOptimizationWebsiteIntegrationSocialPresencePaidMediaSocialSignalsROI /EvaluationCommunityManagementBrandIdentityNetworkAnalysisUGC/ReviewsHow frequently should I be posting andresponding? How do I deal with reputationmanagement if something goes wrong?Is my brand identity consistent across all mysocial content on the web REWORD???What content exists about our brand and what customer needs are wemeeting?How do insights apply across channels anddepartments? How do we amplify?What actions are we tracking and whatis the ROI?How do we use social data formodeling behavior / action?What types of social results areinfluencing our search rankings andhow can I improve this?Does our website empower users toshare content?Does my brand have a presenceon the most relevant platformsfor my participant?Are our feeds, links, and reviewsappearing to prospective customers?What are social signals and how do I activatethem?ContentCreationHow frequently should I beposting and responding?ChannelStrategyIdentity / valueREAL-TIMEOPTIMIZATIONACTIVATIONSocialKPIs, retargeting, conversionoptimization, advocacy, reviewsPARTICIPATIONValueExchange, positioning, identity, engagement, contentdistribution, motivationDISCOVERYRanking, SEO, socialfeeds, linkbuilidng, reviews, platform presenceThese threepillars worktogether tosurround andinfluence ourcustomer,throughoutthe social andsearchprocess.Brands musthave aconsistentmulti-channelidentity, andthe ability toboth reactto, andoptimize herexperience inreal-time.
  11. 11. Askingtherightquestions.Identity / valueSERPOptimizationWebsiteIntegrationSocialPresencePaidMediaWhat types of social results areinfluencing our search rankings andhow can I improve this?Does our website empower users todiscover and share content?What platforms / networks arewe participating in?How are we incorporating feeds,links, and reviews in our advertising?DISCOVERYSocialSignalsROI /EvaluationNetworkAnalysisHow do social insights apply across channelsand departments? How do we amplify?What conversions / actions are wetracking and what is the ROI?How can we use our social data formodeling or predicating furtherbehavior / action?What are people sharing, and what impactdoes it have on conversion?ChannelStrategyACTIVATIONCommunityManagementBrandIdentityUGC/ReviewsWhat is our community engaging with?Is our content calendar optimized? Are wegetting the right reporting?Why “Like” our brand? What is the valueexchange for participation?What content exists about our brand, and what are customers searching for?ContentCreationWhere are we seeing the mostcontent creation? What topicsand sentiment cause this?PARTICIPATION
  12. 12. 12Discovery-SITESERPOPTIMIZATIONWEBSITEINTEGRATIONSOCIALPRESENCEPAIDMEDIA“Be Relevant!”Content Tagging & Optimization: text, images, videos, blogs, microblog, podcasting, review & ratings, social networkingLocal visibility: Google+ Local / Map Pack / Facebook NearbyBrand Voice/Messaging, Brand Identity, Value proposition, Philanthropic Relationships, Brand Affiliations, Offers / ExclusivesPeer trust, reviews, recommendations, suggestions, community, popularityCustomer service experience, Accessibility (device screen)Cross-device usability / Responsive designMicro-Formating ( (app store links, device, cross- screen)Convenience (store locations nearby and inventory)Affordability (quality and price)Links to owned social channels & competitors :Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Googl+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest…Social Plug-ins for shareability Open Graph (social sign-in)Reviews & RatingsAbout Section Information: NAP (name, address, phone number). Website URL, Links to other social channels, LocationsPopularity, Tweets, Followers, Following, Likes, +1, pins…SponsoredStories / Reviews& RatingsTargeting / Re-TargetingPopularity, Tweets, Followers, Following, Likes, +1, pins…Relevancy – Hyper Targeting / Re-TargetingExclusive / Offers
  13. 13. 13Participation-CONTENTCREATIONBRANDIDENTITYUGC /REVIEWSCOMMUNITYMANAGEMENT“Create Engagement!”Content quality, quantity & type:text, images, videos, blogs, microblog,podcasting, review & ratingsTagging / Tittle / DescriptionTopic Keyword / RelevancyPage specific engagement(clicks, likes, shares, tweets, pins, +1)Check-ins (location check-ins)Inbound / OutboundLinking (Twitter)Frequency / RelevancyCustomer service relationship-Brand Voice/Messaging, Brand Identity, Value proposition, Philanthropic RelationshipsContent Quality, quantity, & type : text, images, videos, blogs, microblog, podcasting, Peertrust, Reviews, recommendations, Authenticity, offers / exclusive contentMobile access/convenience – Social Log inOn-Site Reviews – frequency,relevancy, rankingsLink-Building (organic outreach)ReferralsContent posting frequency from/by community manager and peersRE’s: Re-sharing, content + linksMulticultural / Language SelectionJoining / community /membership
  14. 14. 14Activation-SOCIALSIGNALSROIEVALUATIONNETWORKANALYSISCHANNELSTRATEGY“Drive Action!”Uploading / Sharing photos/videosLive streaming of social feedsCreating and sharing reviews: Post-purchase review, Post-purchase sharingSocial referralsTestimonialsContent / Participation AuditSocial / Serp AuditConversion Optimization, –buy, click, submitCross-Channel Attribution ModelingKPI Identification / InfluenceTagging/hashtag/@mentionsLook-a-likesRecommendations / ConnectionsClick-Stream AnalysisBudget/ FlightingPrioritization / PlatformsPaid Ads (site links, beta testing, social listing influence, ad copy, keywords, campaigns)Paid social ads (performance media, media buying based on reach)KeywordTrending - to influenceSocial CTR and SERP rankingRe:s-clicks, likes, shares, tweets, pins, +1Link Building (social organicoutreach)Open Graph Application /CustomizationDownloading contentOn-site searchSocial Listening /Brand MonitoringDynamic PersonasInfluencer MappingMedia / Platform RankingNetwork Modeling
  15. 15. 15RecommendationsforPrismModeling1.ListeningPain / Passion PointsContent Creation / NeedContext Evaluation2.MeasurementConversion Attribution / MappingChannel & ROI ModelingInfluencer / Network(s) Analysis3.OptimizationCommunication & Internal CollaborationPaid, Owned, Earned ApplicationConversion (Behavior) Reporting
  16. 16. Thank YouJon Wegman – VP Planning &