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Gaps in defense of FC Rubin


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Analysis of defensive organization of FC Rubin (march 2015)

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Gaps in defense of FC Rubin

  1. 1. Gaps in defense of “Rubin” (video: Cotugno (#4) can play as left fullback. Ozdoev may play as holding midfielder and Carlos Eduardo as attacking midfielder. 1. Defensive organization “Rubin” uses 4-4-2 in defensive organization. The team often meets attacks of the opponent in high block, above central circle. The forward and attacking midfielder Ozdoev close lines for passes through central channel without chasing the central defenders. They try to direct opponent’s attack to the flank. Pass to flank (from central defenders or from the keeper in start of build-up) is the trigger for pressing initiation. Wide midfielder presses the player who gets the ball. Fullback play with wide midfielder of the opponent. One holding midfielder (nearest to the flank) covers them and look at rival’s holding midfielder (nearest to the ball). Another holding midfielder follow attacking midfielder of the opponent. Wide midfielder from far flank look at another holding midfielder of the rival. Expected first XI 1 Ryzhikov 77 3 544 2 22 88 99 7 Kvirkvelia Georgiev Navas Kuzmin Dyadun Ozdoev Kanunnikob Kambolov Portnyagin 27 Nabiullin
  2. 2. The opponent may use change of angle of attack for avoiding pressing. Portnyagin is not good at closing pass to central defender. Fast change of flank of attack leaves to gap between fullback and central defender of Rubin. As fullback come forward to central line in order to meet the attack. 2. Main gaps in defensive organization * Mistakes in position of Georgiev Georgiev (#77) commits errors in position -> open zone above the penalty box. The midfielder allows passes into that zone (more often from flank) [in pair with Kambolov Georgiev plays as right holding midfielder; in pair with Ozdoev – as left hold midfielder]. Central defender may be drawn from the defensive line – come forward to opponent who gets the ball between the lines. It creates gap for key passes into box. Fullback is delay in closing gap.
  3. 3. * Free flank in transition to defense In transition to defense “Rubin” aims on delaying fast attacks of the opponent – one player chases the opponent with the ball. There is not organised transition to counter-pressing. The opponent may develop fast attacks using pass in behind the holding midfielder (Kambolov provides covering to midfield in offensive actions) – line of midfielder are unable to recover quickly. In transition to defense fullback often make runs to central from flank - to meet the opponent who gets pass behind the Rubin's midfielder. It lead to free zone on flank for attack development. «Arsenal» also used in transition to attack - pass behind the central defenders (Navas (#44) struggles with pacey forwards).
  4. 4. 3. Other chances for opponent * Long-balls in behind the central defenders Line of defense has high position in the beginning of opponent’s build-up (up 20 m from the penalty box). There is chance for playing long balls in behind the central defenders. * “Rudin” loses rebounds more often "Rubin's midfielders often lose rebounds after long balls to the penalty box. And then there are gaps between central def and fullback. "Rostov" often used this maneuver. * Options for playing from flank in final stage of attacks “Rubin” is good at fast overloading the penalty box in flank attacks of the rival (before cross): almost always wide midfielder close zone of far post, central midfielder closes line for cut pass from flank. Moreover central defenders are very good at heading challengers. But fullbacks is not good at tackling and it’s better to use take ons on flanks in final stage of attacks. * Котуньо (ошибки и проигрыш единоборств) Cotugno is not good at 1-vs-1 on left flank of defense. Also he commits mistakes - when opponent move from flank he is drawn and leave free zone behind.
  5. 5. Nabiullin is expected to be in the first XI as left fullback. Cotugno may come into the field in the send half - the trigger for increasing effort on left flank of Rubin defense. 4. Chance in corner-kick “Rubin” uses mix defense. Usually 3 players take positions on line of the keeper box. Kuzmin protects far post. 3-4 players use man-marking vs opponents in the penalty box. "Rubin" conceded 2 from 3 goals from corners when opponent attacked in the zone between Georgiev and Kverkvelia (both goals from “Terek”). “Arsenal” also used it. Scheme of last conceded goal 77 3 5 44 2 22 88 99 7 27