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PostgreSQL Rocks Indonesia


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These are slides used by Julyanto from Equnix, Indonesia for presenting about how PostgreSQL is disrupting the database market.

Published in: Technology
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PostgreSQL Rocks Indonesia

  1. 1. PostgreSQL Rock Indonesia! The World Most Leading Open Source RDBMS in the World.
  2. 2. Equnix Portfolio's
  3. 3. THE CORE www.PostgreSQL.Org Open Source PostgreSQL Database Server is maintained by PostgreSQL Global Development Group Bruce Momjian, Josh Berkush, Robert Haas, Simon Riggs, Jan Wieks, Alvaro Herera, Peter Eisentraut, Magnus Hagadar, Tom Lane, etc..
  4. 4. A brief about PostgreSQL History.A brief about PostgreSQL History. Who uses PostgreSQLWho uses PostgreSQL Who support PostgreSQLWho support PostgreSQL How PostgreSQL Rocks Indonesia?How PostgreSQL Rocks Indonesia? Contents
  5. 5. The History – concept Once upon a time, there was a scientist work in IBM, and he eventually invent the Concept of RDBMS. He is Edgar F Codd. Edgar Frank "Ted" Codd (19 August 1923 – 18 April 2003) was an English computer scientist who, while working for IBM, invented the relational model for database management, the theoretical basis for relational databases. Then later come, Mrs Patricia Selinger. Patricia G. Selinger is an American computer scientist and IBM Fellow. She wrote the canonical paper on relational query optimization. The basis for most of the query optimizers used in modern relational systems.
  6. 6. The birth of early RDBMS At that time, there is a Professor in UCB (where the BSD come form) which got a Whitepaper from Egdar F Codd, and implement it in INGRESS as Academic Project in the University. And then come, Larry “Iron Man” Ellison. He was developing the software derived the same concept from Edgar F Codd, and then named it after as Oracle. Unfortunatelly, the version 1.0 has no luck to publish. So The first version of Oracle published in version 2.0
  7. 7. The History of PostgreSQL 1977-1985: INGRES, began as the academic research in UCB by Prof Michael STONEBRAKER, implementing Whitepaper from Edgar. F. Codd. 1986-1994: POSTGRES began development from 1986-1994, as continuation of INGRES with object relational technology. POSTGRES commercialize as ILLUSTRA, later become INFORMIX, and purchased by IBM 1 billion dollars. 1994-1995: Became Postgres95, because POSTQUEL replaced by SQL Languages 1996-Present: PostgreSQL as new career in Open Source. PostgreSQL has actively Maintained, Develops, QC by PosgreSQL Global Development Group consists Hackers, Academics, Professionals all around the World. At Present, Many organizations, government agencies and companies use PostgreSQL. You will find installations in ADP, CISCO, NTT Data, NOAA, Research In Motion, The US Forestry Service and The American Chemical Society. Today, it's rare to find a large corporation or government agency which isn't using PostgreSQL in at least one department.
  8. 8. The Timeline of PostgreSQL
  9. 9. IBM Netezza, is a IBM Product for datawarehousing Appliance Netezza was founded in 1999 by Foster Hinshaw. Netezza announced the industry's first "data warehouse appliance" in 2003[7] to meet the industry's need to make use of the rapidly increasing ability to collect consumer data. In July 2007 IPO. Netezza was an early player in recognizing the exploding market for Big Data and the business value in real time analytics and discovery. Hinshaw coined the term "data warehouse appliance" to describe a new architecture of shared nothing parallel nodes specifically targeted for high data volumes for modern data analytics. Netezza is based on PostgreSQL` Who adopt PostgreSQL?
  10. 10. Who adopt PostgreSQL? TERADATA, the most de facto standard Datawarehousing Appliance for Telco Companies around the world. Its appliance uses AsterDB which derived from PostgreSQL. Yet another Datawarehousing Appliance is using PostgreSQL Clients: Most of Telco Companies in the world.
  11. 11. Fujitsu, has dedicated their special team and bugdet to support PostgreSQL in the High Profile Enterprise Product Appliances. Since 2004, Fujitsu is supported PostgreSQL Development and develops their own PostgreSQL for their Product. Fujitsu become sponsors in major worldwide PostgreSQL Event. Enterprise behind PostgreSQL
  12. 12. Yahoo, creates Columnar Database with PetaByte storage server derived from PostgreSQL. Enterprise behind PostgreSQL
  13. 13. EnterpriseDB one of the PostgreSQL Company which forks their Product from PostgreSQL which offers Oracle Compatibility. Enterprise behind PostgreSQL One of the most leading contributor in PostgreSQL Development, worldwide support for premium services. Point in Time Recovery, Warm Standby, plus tuning of Sorting, Asynchronous Commit, Hot Standby and streaming replication, Synchronous replication, BDR & design work PostgreSQL Contributor from Russia. Quite strong scientist and technical team. Contributes JSONB, Full text search, etc
  14. 14. DW, Analytics, and others
  15. 15. Enterprise behind PostgreSQL
  16. 16. PostgreSQLPostgreSQL implementationimplementation inin IndonesianIndonesian EnterprisesEnterprises
  17. 17. Permata Bank Permata Bank is regarded as the first National Bank in Indonesia, which uses PostgreSQL as their database server in a production level. Using PostgreSQL since 2003 up to now. It is rocks, and keep rolling on... It is really good, so they don't require professional services to support them. That is bad for our business :)
  18. 18. PT Finnet Indonesia PT Finnet Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, which is engaging online Financial Transactions. Practically Finnet is a Payment Gateway Company. Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, and deliver faster performance.
  19. 19. PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi Founded to provides Payment Gateway services for e-commerce Industries all around Indonesia. Sells many electronic products, develops community, highly transaction system. And also provides payment solution for any kind of Industries.
  20. 20. PT Nutech Integrasi NUTECH is a trusted provider in transportation system support. Deliver access control, ticketing system, system integration and solution for electronic based and payment systems. Aim to achieve a better business output for our clients.
  21. 21. Bank BJB, Tbk. Bank BJB is a National Bank with 700+ Branches. Use for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Middleware, Web Teller, and many other More than 10 Servers on all critical systems.
  22. 22. Bank Danamon Danamon Bank is a National Bank with 2074+ Branches. Danamon Bank is on Top 20 Biggest Bank in Indonesia. Many application use PostgreSQL run in a area of Electronic Banking operations, middleware, etc.
  23. 23. Bank Resona Perdania ● Partly owned by Resona Bank from Japan and The Bank of East Asia Hongkong. ● On 2014, has asset 15 Trillion Rupiah. ● PostgreSQL on mission critical Transaction Gateway.
  24. 24. Carrefour Indonesia ● Replacing Oracle for serving 170.000 more product items, 700.000+ promotion items, and more than 25.000 up to 75.000 transaction per store per day. ● Rolling out implementation in 150+ stores, with using BDR (Bidirectional Replication) ● Database size is up to tens million records in OLTP transactional
  25. 25. PT EDII Indonesia Pioneer in Electronic Data Interchange Provider for many electronic base transaction system. Serves Big Enterprises, like: Gov Owned, Importer, Eksporter, Shipping, Banks: BNI, Danamon, Citibank, Deutsche, Mandiri, etc, Retails, Insurances, Unilever, Nestle, Matahari, Giant, Lotte, Philips, Coca Cola, Toshiba, Indomaret, Toyota, AHM, Bakrie and many others
  26. 26. And many more to come in the futures... What else?
  27. 27. PostgreSQL on IBM POWER8PostgreSQL on IBM POWER8 Bonus
  28. 28. TPC-B Read Write Queries
  29. 29. TPC-B Read Only Test For POWER8 10 Cores
  30. 30. TPC-C Transaction per Minute
  31. 31. Use only Single Processor.
  32. 32. BenchmarkingBenchmarking PostgreSQL on TPC-C withPostgreSQL on TPC-C with OracleOracle using sameusing same hardware resourceshardware resources
  33. 33. 7 times faster than Oracle.
  34. 34. Performance CPU & RAM