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3co pitch


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3co pitch

  1. 1. music industry digital media consultants
  2. 2. missionTo provide artist representatives with the knowledge and resources they need to effectively promote their clients through digital media.
  3. 3. conceptdigital clientstrends
  4. 4. examplesocial curbmedia records
  5. 5. value proposition nsulting co flexibility, cost effective
  6. 6. key competitionboutique digital/marketing agencies in-house hires
  7. 7. market entry portfolio Belmont contacts free/discounted projects
  8. 8. portfolio face-to-face interactions networking referrals client capture free needs assessment contract signed potential clientsmarketing plan
  9. 9. operating plan initial client contact needs assessment project design delivery follow-up
  10. 10. keycosts & revenuetime billable hours (starting at $40/hour)salariesoutsourcingmiscellaneous
  11. 11. most likely forecast Y3 $111,600$250,000 $105,578$200,000 Y2 $43,200$150,000 Y1 $41,494 $11,700 $10,812$100,000 $50,000 $0 revenue expenses
  12. 12. financial summaryassumptionshourly ratebillable hoursdirect costs ending cash best case: $14,915 most likely: $8,916 worst case: $0 (Y2)
  13. 13. music industry digital media consultants