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Software Architecture using ZeroMQ - techmesh 2012

Pretty pictures and empty phrases

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Software Architecture using ZeroMQ - techmesh 2012

  1. 1. Software Architectureusing ØMQ Pieter Hintjens #techmesh 2013
  2. 2. 90% of software is already trash,90% of the rest will be, soon
  3. 3. We basically dont know how to makecode that can survive ten, let alone50 years
  4. 4. Software architecture should beanswering this question...
  5. 5. Can we build durable, perfect large-scale systems?
  6. 6. The answer is all around us...
  7. 7. Future code has to talk to code, hasto be chatty, sociable, well-connected
  8. 8. The physics of software is thephysics of people
  9. 9. How we connect to each othermatters more than who we are
  10. 10. Writing distributed code is like a livejam session, all about other people
  11. 11. A good contract is worth a thousandassumptions
  12. 12. Distributed software lives or dies byits protocols
  13. 13. Protocols define the rights andobligations of each party
  14. 14. Extensibility and performance aretwo separate targets
  15. 15. Simplicity always beats functionality
  16. 16. Design by removing problems, notadding features
  17. 17. Problems are not all equal, and mostare illusions
  18. 18. When you know the real problem youhave done half the work
  19. 19. The problem landscape is real, anddiscoverable over time
  20. 20. Do nothing that is not a minimal,plausible answer to a clear problem
  21. 21. Make every commit shippable
  22. 22. Take small steps, it hurts less whenyou fall
  23. 23. Solve one problem, and repeat untilyou run out of time or money
  24. 24. Learn more:The ØMQ Guide from OReilly in Feb 2013ØMQ London eXchange, today 6.30pm