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UX-UI. Building a desirable cloud application


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A presentation I gave on April 2012 at Microsoft Greece for User Experience, Design and User Interfaces of Cloud Applications

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UX-UI. Building a desirable cloud application

  1. 1. UX-UIBuilding a desirable cloud application April ’12 - A presentation at Microsoft Greece
  2. 2. who is talking
  3. 3. Panos KontopoulosGM & Partner at
  4. 4. Software Engineering loverBusiness and MarketingSingular - ERP ArchitectIntarget - Internet 1.0 agencyMicrosoft - Services and WebStrategyWedia - Complex, Popular, HandCrafted web sites
  5. 5. unique users per 2.400.000 month50.000.000 pageviews per month 6.500 hits/sec 220.000 articles in 3 years 1.350.000 comments
  6. 6. share some thoughtsa new generation ofapplicationson the cloudweb baseddevice agnostic
  7. 7. share some thoughtswhy there’s more thanfeatureswhy design matterswhy user experiencematters
  8. 8. share some thoughtsabout your competition
  9. 9. unless everybody in theroomis building a GreekAccounting softwareapplication(limited to Greek TaxSystem)
  10. 10. your competitionis world wide
  11. 11. wait, there is ROI
  12. 12. but first things, first
  13. 13. have you realized ?
  14. 14. all you have is your web site a landing page
  15. 15. ooops, I just forgotyou have also a coming soon page
  16. 16. so let’s get back to your landing page
  17. 17. don’t forget the features page
  18. 18. and the pricing page
  19. 19. don’t forget the reminders
  20. 20. and your customer feedback
  21. 21. getting inside your application
  22. 22. megamenus
  23. 23. facetednavigati on
  24. 24. blank slate
  25. 25. the queen of all, the web form
  26. 26. speaking of tools and processes
  27. 27. meet the personas
  28. 28. travel through user journeys
  29. 29. Goal: To buy the items in my basket! Basket! New or existing! Delivery details! Payment! Confirmation! New customer! List of selected Select
Add product Enter name and Enter credit items and checkout
 Enter address ! Confirm! to basket ! email address ! card details! quantities ! option! Existing customer! Edit basket ! Select save Login! name and address! Add new name and address ! Notes! Several existing customers find it easier to checkout as a new customer as they don’t remember their username and password and find managing address fiddly. We should aim to make this much simply with the next release and enhance the process for repeat customers.!
  30. 30. and of course wireframe until you agree on what will be designed
  31. 31. speaking of mobile devices
  32. 32. say hello to responsive design
  33. 33. food for thought
  34. 34. THANK YOU! @pkontopoulos