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Kids and computers


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Kids and computers

  1. 1. KIDS ANDCOMPUTERS:PROGRAMS FORTWEENSSara M. Bryce, La Crosse Public Library
  2. 2. “Millennial” generation
  3. 3. Things LPL kids use theInternet for: Watching movies on streaming sites ( Role-playing games (, Games where you make things ( Facebook Chat
  4. 4. Surprising questions from kids8-12  How do you make the squiggly sign in emails?  This site asked me for my username and password. What is it?  I want to go to but I don’t know how to spell it.  What do you mean, “Google it?”
  5. 5. Bottom line: We can’t assume digital natives know everything about the Internet and technology Conduct your own [very unscientific and possibly creepy] experiment of your own to see what YOUR kids would like!
  6. 6. “I Hate Mondays” Garfield partyProfessor
  7. 7. “Hiding the vegetables”
  8. 8. Here’s the broccoli!
  9. 9. Comic Book Creator
  10. 10. Some more veggies….
  11. 11. “Is this all they’ll be doing?”
  12. 12. “Why aren’t they DOINGanything?” “As we speak, your child is:  honing problem solving skills by navigating the games  building social skills by playing with a partner  practicing a variety of subjects in a non- classroom scenario  fostering self-efficacy You’re welcome.”
  13. 13. Bringing Books to Life: BookTrailers Had kids register so I knew what I was getting into Kids registered, I had things all set No-school day in February; perfect for an inside activity!
  14. 14. A perfect, 50-degree, sunny…
  15. 15. OneTrueMedia Videos 30 seconds or less are free Can tie an acct to Flickr for easy access to photos Easy posting to Youtube or Facebook
  16. 16. Lots of customization
  17. 17. Finished products! One we did together: Otk Emily, age 7: m8 Mason, age 8: GWk Alex, age 11:
  18. 18. Another good bet: Xtranormal Info for library programs: Babe and Todd: Zc Rocky and Flare: HQ Also easy for kids to do!
  19. 19. Final thought The informal, exciting half of kids education occurs “after school.” This is the place where 21st century students learn about their world and prepare themselves for their 21st century lives. --Marc Prensky, education and technology innovator We’re the “after school”! Yaaaay, us!
  20. 20. Thank you! Contact info:Sara BryceLa Crosse Public Library(608)