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mazzolino di fiori all'uncinetto


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mazzolino di fiori all'uncinetto

  1. 1. MyPicotCrochet Stitch PatternsBouquets #6001:www.mypicot.comA bouquet consist of 1 big flower,4 little flowers, 3 double leaves, 2 rightspirals and 2 left spiral (see at thepicture).For little flower work motif A andmotif B, then sew it together.- Bullion stitch. Yarn over hook 10 times,hook insert into ring of 5 chains,yarn over hook and draw loop through,yarn over hook and draw through allloops on hook, finish by working achain.Motif A Motif BFor big flower work 7 petals and 1little flower (motif A and motif B), then sewit together.Petal of big flowerDouble leafRight spiral Left spiral