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Ohs to china parent meeting


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Outline of basic Itinerary of China trip.

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Ohs to china parent meeting

  1. 1. Oak Hall School’s Inaugural student Exchange trip to China! Spring Break 2011
  2. 2. Korean Air to Seoul
  3. 5. Beijing Historic Tour: The Forbidden City Tiananmen Square
  4. 9. The Great Wall of China
  5. 10. After the Wall, we might have time to stop at: The Summer Palace or The Ming Tombs
  6. 11. Overnight Train to Shanghai
  7. 12. Ultra-Modern Shanghai
  8. 13. The Bund
  9. 16. Afternoon Train to Changzhou
  10. 17. Welcome to Changzhou #2 Senior Middle School
  11. 19. Changzhou is home to the largest Pagoda in China, and is located along the Historic Grand Canal
  12. 20. Suzhou: The Venice of China
  13. 22. Train Back to Shanghai
  14. 23. Yuyuan Gardens
  15. 27. Bullet Train To Shanghai Airport