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Digital Asset Upgrade Proposal for Publishing House

The overview proposal written by Popcorn Studios in Adelaide to a multi national publishing company with several publications and street presses in Australia. The company wants to upgrade and develop their digital assets such as web portal, mobile apps, workplace practises to bring it up to todays technology standards available to such an industry.

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Digital Asset Upgrade Proposal for Publishing House

  1. 1. Rip It Up Prepared by Popcorn May 2011Rip it Up Digital ProposalRip It Up DigitalProposal
  2. 2. MissionTo be Adelaide’s number one digital provider of entertainment and lifestyle content, through amulti-channel platform, that connects with end users 24 hours a day, and attracting new advertisingspends from both national and local advertisers.HowBy introducing new features to the current mobile application and websites, such as mobile and onlinecoupon delivery, online and mobile ticketing sales, and in-app advertising opportunities.By enhancing the current gig guide and introducing detailed venue features, creating further value andexposure in these sections of the mobile app, providing further revenue opportunities and subscriptiontype fee structures .By auditing the current platforms and building the necessary features to ensure the users reliance on Rip itUp Digital for their primary source of entertainment content and resources.By implementing consistent design and functionality across all platforms including social media outlets.By utilizing new social media software tools that provides syndication of content to maximize reach andexpose for Rip it Up Digital as a brand to countless relevant websites and blog pages.
  3. 3. Mobile Phone DataMobile Phones are the most used device in the world, with over 4 billion handsets in use.• Smartphones account for 63% of all mobile phones in Australia in 2011, with a forecast of over 90% by the end of 2012 (source - ‘Paypal - mcommerce secure insight, March 2011’)• 61% of users download mobile applications• 66% of users are under the age of 35• 85% of users search for entertainment and information services (source – 2010 Australian Mobile Lifestyle Index)
  4. 4. Mobile Commerce Data• Mobile commerce arrived in 2010 and produced $170 billion of transactions worldwide• By 2014 it will account for $630 billion of transactions worldwide. (source - Mobile Payments Today, March 2011 )• In 2010, $155 million worth of mobile commerce transactions were made by users in Australia• 68% of Australian people agreed they would use their mobile for payments by the end of 2012. (source - Paypal mcommerce insight, March 2011 )
  5. 5. Mobile Coupon DataMobile and Online Coupons is the fastest growing industry today’s advertising world, deliveringpromotions directly to the consumer giving purpose and reason for daily interaction with businesses.• Almost 3 billion mobile coupons will be issued to mobile users worth $7 billion of discounts redeemed in 2011 (source - Juniper Research)• Mobile and Online coupons will reach $242 million in Australia in 2011 (source - Juniper Research)• Jumpoint, a “Living Social” subsidiary in Australia, is on track to make $24 million in its first year through its online and mobile coupon delivery platform (source – e-marketer)
  6. 6. Social Media Data Social media usage in Australia leads the trend with the highest usage in the world today. • The average Australian user spends 7 hours per month on social media sites. • 78% of Australia’s 9 million social media users sent or shared a photo or link in the past year. • 86% of Australian’s online look to their fellow Internet users for opinions and information about products, services and brands.• 250 million people log into Facebook everyday around the world. (source - The importance of social media 2011)
  7. 7. Ticket Sales Data Online ticket sales have now become over 50% of all sales in Australia. • Australia’s live ticketing sector generated $1.083 billion in revenue in 2010 from 15.1 million sales (figures don’t include any types of sporting events) • A selection of national music festivals such as Stereosonic, Future Music, Big Day Out, Parklife, Womadelaide, Splendour, Falls and Soundwave, sold over 1.2 million tickets in 2010. • The average booking fee per ticket sold in Australia is $4. (source - Live performance Australia survey report 2010)
  8. 8. Online Advertising Data Online advertising will soon become the number one choice for advertisers worldwide. • Online advertising is currently the 4th choice for advertisers behind TV, Radio and Newspapers worldwide. (source – the internet revenue study, 2011) • Australian advertisers spent $2.3 billion in 2010 (source - IAB Australia 2011) • Online advertising growth in 2011 has increased by 21% from 2010. (source - IAB Australia 2011)
  9. 9. Redesigning App & App UsabilityWhy• To make sure it has the features required to monetize the app, increase users and create a high percentage of regular users.• Because of the significant growth in mobile commerce.• To ensure Rip it up is first to market within the entertainment industryWhat Will This Achieve? • Improve the overall design and user experience • Improve the digital revenue aspect of the business • Increase application downloads • Increase user interaction and user sustainability
  10. 10. Digital Platform IntegrationWebsite - Smartphone App - Mobile Website - Social Media • Integration between platforms is paramount for consistency and familiarization for the users and advertisers. • Provides the user one source for entertainment and lifestyle content at any given point in time, 24 hours a day. • Maximizes the ability for advertisers to deliver a campaign across multiple channels. enabling optimal exposure and reach to their target market.
  11. 11. Costs • Project Management • Mobile Application Upgrades • Website CMS Upgrade • Integration of Ticketing Platform, Mobile and Online Coupon Delivery • Design and audit of websites and iphone application
  12. 12. Revenue Opportunities • In- App Advertising • Ticket Sale Commissions • Mobile and Online Coupon Commissions • Event and Venue Page Premium listing • Further listing type and shopping opportunities through 3rd Party Applications