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How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

Struggling to get results from your Facebook contests? In this webinar from Post Planner and Wishpond, learn everything you need to know about running a successful Facebook contest.

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How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

  2. 2. ● More Facebook Fans? ● Higher brand awareness? ● New emails and leads? ● User-generated content? ● Product development crowdsourcing? ● More engaged and loyal Fans? ● Immediate sales? ● New product/ event awareness? Start Planning out your content by setting goals and objectives
  3. 3. Teens, single women, business professionals, sports enthusiasts. Know your ideal customer to create specific contests just for them! Know Your Target Market
  4. 4. Choose From: Sweepstakes Photo Contests Vote Contest Group Offers Photo Caption Contest Choose The Right Type of Contest
  8. 8. Choose a prize that’s related to your brand or business. Consider giving away: ● Your gift card ● A product you sell ● Lifetime subscription Determine Your Budget and Choose The Appropriate Prize
  9. 9. How will they enter? ● Do they need to Like your Page to enter? ● Do they need to submit an email to enter? ● Do they need to answer a question, or submit a photo or video? Choose The Contest Entry Method and Guidelines
  10. 10. How long will your contest run? ● Is it seasonal? ● Limited time offer? ● Quick promotion? Determine Your Contest Time Frame
  12. 12. Get a ton of engagement and attention! Click “like” on a: ● Post ● Photo ● Video ● Status update Contest Ideas “Like to Win” Contest
  13. 13. Leave a comment under the post to take part in the contest. “What do you like most about our products? Comment to win a free ____”. “Comment To Win” Contest
  14. 14. Massive engagement and interaction! Like the post and leave a comment. Like and Comment to Win
  15. 15. Let your followers demonstrate their creativity and sense of humor by writing a great caption to a photo. Caption Contest
  16. 16. Easiest contest! Write an incomplete sentence and get your followers to complete it. BONUS TIP: Post Planner has a huge selection of fill-in-the-blanks in the Status Idea section of the app. Fill-in-the-Blank Contest
  17. 17. Fans enter the contest by submitting their best photo of your product or of any other niche or business related theme you choose. Photo Contest
  18. 18. How it works: ● Ask your fans a question and wait for them to submit the correct answer. ● Randomly pick the winner(s). Q&A Contest
  19. 19. Get your fans to participate PLUS get valuable feedback and ideas. ● Ask fans to help you choose a new logo ● Come up with a new name for a book ● Choose the best book cover ● Decide on your next blog topic Crowdsource Contest
  21. 21. • Send out emails before the contest starts. • Create a campaign hashtag. • Blog about the contest. • Use Post Planner to easily plan and schedule out promotional content for Facebook and Twitter. Promote your Facebook Contest
  22. 22. • Update your content status. • Cross promote the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other form social media platform you’re active on. • Run an Ad and get targeted with your audience. Many Ways to Promote The Contest
  23. 23. Keep track of it, measure its success and tweak it to get better results. Performance Indicators: ● The number of participants ● Likes ● Shares ● New emails ● New Facebook fans ● Sales of product Monitor and Tweak Your Contest
  24. 24. Even if the contest is over, your job is not. There is still more you can get out of the contest by following up with the contest participants. Post-Contest and Follow-Up
  25. 25. Congratulate the winner on Facebook and other networks by mentioning them in a post. Make them feel special! Follow up by notifying the winner and publicly congratulating him/her
  26. 26. ● Write a blog post ● Send out follow up emails ● Invite the participants to your next contest ● Mention any new or special deals your business has Other Ways to Follow Up
  27. 27. Simply Measured Case Study of Post Planner Growth How to Use Automation to Grow Your Facebook Page by 193%