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How to Supercharge Your Visual Content


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Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Join Post Planner CMO Rebekah Radice as she reveals how you can use Canva and Post Planner to create content your audience will love!

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How to Supercharge Your Visual Content

  1. 1. Rebekah Radice @RebekahRadice
  2. 2. Rebekah Radice @RebekahRadice
  3. 3. YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN... • The 3 Types of Content Your Audience Craves • How to Use Canva’s Tools to Brand Your Business • How to Repurpose Your Content Into Short Graphics and Infographics
  4. 4. Make the 3 Types of Content Your Audience Craves 1. Educational 2. Entertaining 3. Useful 1.
  5. 5. Educational ● Help your audience make an educated and informed decision Twitter: @dailymuse
  6. 6. Educational ● Improve their business and/or life Facebook: @constantcontact
  7. 7. Educational ● Help them be better / do something better Facebook: @amyporterfield
  8. 8. Educational ● Help them be better / do something better Facebook: @sproutsocial
  9. 9. Entertaining ● Funny ● Silly ● Amusing ● Touching ● Heartwarming ● Inspirational Facebook Page: @positivepeople1
  10. 10. Entertaining ● Funny ● Silly ● Amusing ● Touching ● Heartwarming ● Inspirational Facebook Page: @postplanner
  11. 11. Utility ● Content that helps ● Lets them make the right decisions Twitter Page: @jeffbullas
  12. 12. In Canva... ● Use the templates: ○ Social Media ○ Blog Graphic ○ Pinterest Graphic Instagram Post
  13. 13. Create the Ideal Length Post to Capture Attention If you want to pique audience interest, keep it snappy. 2.
  14. 14. The average human's attention span is... oh look, a squirrel! 1. Source: Statistic Brain
  15. 15. Facebook Ideal length of a status update: 40 characters. Twitter Ideal Tweet Length: 100 characters without a link: 120 characters with a link. 1. Tool Tip:
  16. 16. Simplicity works! This post is 22 characters. 1. Facebook Page: @postplanner
  17. 17. Create a Call to Action (CTA) people actually want to take action on. Get specific. 3. Facebook Page: @kimgarstboomsocial
  18. 18. Redirect the user to your website, blog, or event. Facebook Page: @postplanner
  19. 19. Screenshot a slide from a presentation you made in Canva. Twitter Page: @RebekahRadice
  20. 20. Use Post Planner to Find the perfect quote or status idea for your graphic. 4.
  21. 21. Now just add that to one of Canva's free, ready-made templates.
  22. 22. Use Canva to brand your images and create consistency Use repetitive placement of text, the same typefaces and color palette. 1.5.
  23. 23. Add a logo or website address to your images to brand them as yours.
  24. 24. Use all of Canva’s tools for advanced branding ● Try pairing contrasting fonts. A great rule of thumb is to choose fonts with high contrast. 6.
  25. 25. ● Match Colors Within Your Designs to create color harmony. ● Try Using Grids for Your Images. Use different images with similar themes to create an eye-catching composition.
  26. 26. Repurpose your content into short graphics and Infographics. Take points from a blog post or video and add them to a graphic. 6.
  27. 27. Use Canva to create Infographics, especially for examples and how-to’s.
  28. 28. Create thumbnails and intro/outro slides for your videos! 7.
  29. 29. ● Use an image applicable to your video ● Avoid using too many colors or fonts as these will be too distracting ● Match your branding – consider using your logo or fonts YouTube: @dottotech
  30. 30. Design a Email Header for Your HTML Templates You can find header templates by selecting the “Email Header” design type . 8.
  31. 31. Create visual content that gives evergreen content a fresh face. 9. Twitter: @PostPlanner
  32. 32. Pull quotes and images from old content (blog posts, webinars, etc) and use them to create completely new content.
  33. 33. Use visual marketing to create ads that sell. 1 0. Facebook: @WalkMe
  34. 34. Relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images. Twitter: @PostPlanner
  35. 35. ● Choose images that support what you’re trying to say. ● Optimize your images for search. YouTube: @theinstagramexpert
  36. 36. BONUS Download our step by step guide to creating the perfect image for your audience - EVERY time. ls
  37. 37. THANK YOU!