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Power Jack Inverter Manufacturer

Power inverters from the power jack inverter manufacturer are very useful devices that have totally changed the way our portable devices get juiced up. You can even picture a traveler who is caught in the middle of nowhere with his phone battery dying due to lack of charge. To make sure e that such problems don’t occur there is a power jack inverter which can solve all energy shortage problems. In a minimum amount of time these power jack inverters provide maximum power and give you enough charge for large machines or high-end electronic equipment like a printer or a fax machine.

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Power Jack Inverter Manufacturer

  1. 1. WELCOME TO Powerjackpowerinverter
  2. 2. LF Power Inverter 1500W LF PSW Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Product Code: 1.5K-LF-PSW-12V-110V Price: $179.99
  3. 3. HF Power Inverter LFPSW-3000-12-110 Product Code: LF-PSW 3000W-12-110V Price: $259.99
  4. 4. Grid Tie Power Inverter 300W Grid Tie Power Inverter DC 14V-24V to AC 110V Product Code: GT-300-14-110 Price: $79.88
  5. 5. Solar controller SC-50A-12/24 Product Code: SC-1200-50A Price: $59.33
  6. 6. Contact Information Power Jack Electric Co.,Ltd. Address: B-202 DaXi Street, Quanzhou, Fujian 362000, China Phone: +86.59568232699 Fax: +86.59568232799 Email:- Website: