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Employee driven innovation


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Creating organization wide impact through individual initiative. Hackdays and [in]cubator at LinkedIn via @prchg

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Employee driven innovation

  1. Employee Driven InnovationCreating organization wide impactthrough individual initiative
  2. About me Prachi Gupta Hackday Master [in]cubator co-founder Women in Technology co-founder Engineering Manager at LinkedIn  Twitter: @prchg  LinkedIn:
  3. Outline • Innovation Basics • Innovation at LinkedIn• Jump start you own cycle
  4. Let’s talk about innovation
  5. innovation = invention ?
  6. Invention:Creation of a product or introduction of a process for the first time.
  7. Innovation: Improving on or make significantcontribution to an existing product, process or service.
  8. InventionMicroprocessor
  9. Invention Microprocessor InnovationSmart phones
  10. InventionGlue Paper
  11. Invention Glue Paper InnovationPost-it notes
  12. Who is an innovator ?
  13. You can’t get the right answer if you are asking the wrong question.
  14. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstien
  15. Everybody may not be an inventor, but we are all innovators
  16. sounds great, but …
  17. So how do we make innovation a habit ?
  18. Let me tell you the story of Hackday and [in]cubator programs at Linke dIn
  19. This is the story of scalable, best-of-breed methods for driving innovation
  20. This is the story of transformation:of your career, company and the world
  21. Outline• Internal hackdays• Public hackdays• LinkedIn [in]cubator
  22. Internal Hackdays
  23. “A hack is a quick and dirty solution to a real world problem. It’s never perfect orcomplete, but it’s almost always clever and insightful.”
  24. One Friday per month we have hackdayOpen to all LinkedIn employees
  25. Use the day to work on anything you wantSubmit your hack on an internal website
  26. Present the hack to the whole companyExecutive staff acts as Judges3 wins get you the title of Hackday Master
  27. www.linkedinlabs.comInternal hackday winners and experimental projects
  28. inMapsVisualize your professional network
  29. Year in Review See who changed jobs in the last year."The best networking email youll get all year" (CNN).
  30. M.O.C.H.A Skill translation and job search tool for VeteransPresented to Dr. Jill Biden & Aneesh Chopra (former US CTO)
  31. Public Hackdays
  32. eat hack sleep
  33. Year round events; variety of locations and themes
  34. Open to hackers from all over the world24 hours non-stop hacking
  35. Food, Drinks & Yoga
  36. Industry leaders, investors and local celebrity judges
  37. Prizes!
  38. I built a great hack.How do I get it to production ?
  39. LinkedIn [in]cubator
  40. A chance to work exclusively on your idea for 1-3 months
  41. Created by a group of Hackday Masters
  42. [in]cubator History Motivation: an official path from hackday to production Inspired by startup incubators and accelerators Incorporates learnings from a number of other companies that had similar programs.
  43. [in]cubator was the first [in]cubator project
  44. Happens once per quarterOpen to all LinkedIn employees
  45. Submit proposals on internal [in]cubator site
  46. [in]cubator Proposal Description Team members Timeline Proof of concept or prototype Success metrics Risks, competitors Technical details
  47. No one will be ever be assigned to an [in]cubator project.Its up to the team to convince anyone they need to join.
  48. Top teams present to the execs
  49. Judging Criteria Impact: what value does this project bring to LinkedIn? Feasibility: how hard is this to build? What are the risks? Timeline: can v1 be done in 3 months? Team ability: can this team pull it off?
  50. Open to almost any type of project New products New revenue lines Internal tools Infrastructure/technology improvements HR processes New training programs Philanthropic programs
  51. Why all this matters Learning Motivation Innovation
  52. 1. Learning
  53. In a 24 hour hackday,you can learn more about building products and about yourself than in a year of university classes
  54. Hackday, [in]cubator = Learning Rapid prototyping New technologies, libraries, techniques Team formation, project management Trade-offs, scheduling, focus Sales pitch, design, marketing Stamina
  55. Hacking regularly will make you better at your job
  56. 2. Motivation
  57. Money can’t buy happiness
  58. Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose Dan Pink The surprising science of innovation
  59. Hackday, [in]cubator = Motivation You cant buy motivation For creative roles (programmers, designers), money reduces motivation (mo money, mo problems) Hackday and [in]cubator = happier, more motivated, and more productive employees
  60. 3. Innovation
  61. Genius is one percent inspiration,ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison
  62. Hackday, [in]cubator = Innovation All product development is trial and error Hackday and [in]cubator are trial and error at light speed Innovation is something you do, not something you have
  63. Final Thoughts
  64. Innovation is a process
  65. Even if not a single innovative projectever came out of hackday or [in]cubator, it would still be worth doing.
  66. Kickstart your own Innovation cycle Design a program cadence that works for you Get Executive and management sponsorship Create a place for sharing ideas and collaboration Have dedicated workspace for teams away from their regular desk Find out what works for the culture in your organization
  67. Give one day per month back to employees. It will pay for itself many times over.
  68. Thank You !- from me and my fellow Innovators at LinkedIn Email: Twitter: @prchg @LinkedInEng