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10 signs you have outgrown

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10 signs you have outgrown

  1. 1. ‘ V .1.. . . ..’~; Test 10 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel for Test Management
  2. 2. It takes you 5 minutes just You waste 2 hours a week to get all the to figure out what excel you information from multiple excel sheets to need to run for today's test. create a single dashboard for your """"""""""""""""" ‘ ' management to edit. or your product, and you can only answer “I think we did’. K Someone just asked you if you tested a specific platform on a given version A tester in your team mistakenly wasted 6 hours running the wrong tests in the wrong environment because they did not understand what their task was. The only way to understand the status of your testing project is by walking desk by desk and asking your team “How is it going so far? " You realize a large portion of the testing of your team is not being documented or accounted for because ‘ they see writing-down tests as a “nice to have" task.
  3. 3. By one in the afternoon your team still hasn't started testing the ' "_: ,, You wanted to find a specific feature, “urgent release that needs to go out '_ , ..—- and you realize there are 5 different today‘ because they are waiting for excel sheets covering it, written you to send them the correct excel independently by different people in your sheets for their testing tasks. team - and it still is not 100% correct! !! A tester from your team just came to tell you they tested a feature for the whole day yesterday, but today they cannot find the file where they reported the test results and all the issues. It takes you twice as long to integrate the results of your test automation on your excel sheet than it takes to run the whole set of automated tests. If any one of the above sounds familiar it's time to introduce you to the solution Q PractiTest www. practitest. com