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Impact of information tech on hospitality industry


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impact of information tech on hospitality operations

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Impact of information tech on hospitality industry

  1. 1. Contents :• • • • •           • Introduction History Problems faced by industry due to lack of IT Technologies used in hospitality industry Impact of IT on hospitality operations At the Front Desk point of sale system (POS) Property management systems (PMS) Energy Management and Climate Control Systems Electronic Locking Systems Credit Card Authorizations Minibars Smart Networks Time and Attendance CCTV security system Bibliography
  2. 2. Introduction The use of information technology in the hospitality industry has grown tremendously over the past 20 years. With the introduction of information technology the world has witnessed many changes. The world travel, tourism, and hospitality industry was revolutionized due to advancements in innovation and information technology. Many problems with-in the hospitality industry were solved as a result of the IT revolution.
  3. 3. History Traditionally, hotels were largely dependent on cards and paperwork at the front desk to keep in touch with old and current customers. During the past few decades, nothing has enhanced the professionalism nor increased the productivity of the hospitality industry more than technology. IT has changed the procedures and structure for issues such as marketing, booking and reservations, food and beverage management, and accounting systems worldwide.
  4. 4. Problems faced by industry due to lack of IT • There was inaccuracy in manually maintaining Past and current guest details. • Problem of maintaining large number labour attendance & their a/c records. • Inaccuracy in maintaining hotel inventory which affects hotel profits.
  5. 5. Technologies used in hospitality industry • • • • • • • • • • • • • PMS (Property Management Systems) CRS (Central Reservations Systems) GDS (Global Distribution Systems) POS (Point of Sales) Sales & Catering Yield Management Guest History Telecommunications Systems CAS (Call Accounting Systems) In-Room Systems Locking Systems HR (Payroll, Time & Attendance, Labor Scheduling) Accounting Systems
  6. 6. Impact of IT on hospitality operations
  7. 7. At the Front Desk  Technology’s greatest impact has been at the desk.  The property management system has quickened the speed of service; reduced labor cost; improved accuracy; and modernized the look and flow of the lobby.  The self-service kiosk that speeds the guest along simultaneously saves the hotel labor (between 15%-20%).
  8. 8. point of sale system(POS) • Point of sale system is where all retail transaction are completed. • It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. • Central processing unit (CPU) interfacing with individual units Acts as a cash register Guest transactions guest check-in check-out
  9. 9. Property management systems (PMS) Functions • Property Level Reservations • Guest Accounting • Rooms Management
  10. 10. Property Level Reservations  Make reservations from – Telephone calls – Web site – Travel Agents – Mail – Other
  11. 11. Guest Accounting Module Check-In Account Creation Account Entry Account Posting Account Update Account Settlement Check-out 12
  12. 12. Functions of the Rooms Management Module Rooms Status Availability Room/Rate Assignment Housekeeping Auxiliary Services In-House Information
  13. 13. Energy Management and Climate Control Systems • This system is designed to control equipment for the purpose of maintaining comfort levels in the property. • This allows some equipment to be automatically turned off and on based on the set criteria (temp. control, etc)
  14. 14. Electronic Locking Systems • Keys are typically made at the front desk . • Keys are typically a “key mag-strip card” but could be any mag-strip card (credit card). • It is for guest safety.
  15. 15. Credit Card Authorizations • Bills can be settled by credit card .
  16. 16. Minibars • The minibar is located in every 5* hotel room it is a good profit center for the hotel. • There are 3 kinds of minibar:  Traditional (Non automated) Minibars  Semi automated Systems  Automated (Microprocessor) Systems
  17. 17. Smart Networks available in Hotel rooms
  18. 18. Time and Attendance JD Edwards  JD Edwards is a suite of applications to automate warehousing, inventory, time and attendance, and job reporting. It works with all major data collection devices, giving complete, accurate information when and where required. • Tracks Labour Hours • Allows clock in on multiple systems • Forecasts Labor needs 19
  19. 19. CCTV security system • Whole hotel property is under CCTV coverage for security & safety purpose.
  20. 20. Bibliography