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Introduction to aptitude handling

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Introduction to aptitude handling

  1. 1. Why Aptitude test A written test generally designed to assess a persons logical and critical reasoning, numerical problem solving skills and language ability. Sometimes also used to assess specific knowledge in a particular field, such as computer knowledge for computer programming work.
  2. 2. Fallacies about Aptitude test I can prepare at the last minute It is not easy to prepare all the company pattern I am very weak in Mathematics Clearing Aptitude test is purely based on Luck Toppers can clear the test. Lack of time to prepare
  3. 3. Aptitude Test TipsBefore Test:Preparation
  4. 4. Aptitude Test TipsBefore test:Well rested and in a relaxed
  5. 5. Aptitude Test TipsBefore Test:Reach the test location early, before 15 minutes.
  6. 6. Aptitude Test TipsBefore Test:Have positive frame of mind
  7. 7. Aptitude Test TipsBefore Test:Unlearn past bad experience
  8. 8. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Time is Score
  9. 9. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Read all test instructions carefully
  10. 10. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Find a balance between speed and accuracy.
  11. 11. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:If you cant answer a test question, avoid spending too long on it.
  12. 12. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Resist the temptation to double check every answer until youre sure its right.
  13. 13. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:If you arent sure of your answer, write down your bestestimate and move to the next question.
  14. 14. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Don’t get Panic by seeing questions flow form easy to difficult or difficult.
  15. 15. Aptitude Test TipsDuring Test:Bring your own tools
  16. 16. Types of Aptitude test