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Praveen Khanna

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Praveen Khanna

  1. 1. Portfolio of Events Managed by Praveen khanna
  2. 2. Spell bound audiance at Sunday ke Sunday Careeer Ke Funde (SKSCKF- A series of seminar on communication skills)
  3. 3. Learning through experience – A flash from SKSCKF
  4. 4. The kudos....
  5. 5. An another eulogy for communication skills presentation......
  6. 6. Hypnotised audiance – yet another learning experience at SKSCKF
  7. 7. Not to throw away all the chances to be on stage Because one did not succeed at the first attempt....never ending learnings at SKSCKF
  8. 8. Success- a team effort
  9. 9. An informal doubt clearing session after the seminar – SKSCKF
  10. 10. Astounded audiance at a life transformation seminar at SKSCKF Learning through examples
  11. 11. Everybody needs motivation – Bovine audiance at MB Khalsa Engineering College
  12. 12.   Motivating students at all the levels
  13. 13. Motivating students at SmarTalk Convocation Ceremony (The spoken English course)
  14. 14. A snap of successful students at the convocation ceremony- SmarTalk
  15. 15. Another SmarTalk journey starts with a bright note.... (SmarTalk convocation ceremony)
  16. 16. Interesting facts to get recruited fast – A seminar at one of the premier MBA institute
  17. 17. zealous MBA students – getting ready for the show (Getting the valuable recruitment tips)
  18. 18. Inquisitive students shooting questions at every step
  19. 19. Learning never ends – Post MBA preparation at it’s full swing
  20. 20. A well planned presentation - An encomiastic acceptence by the students
  21. 21. and the journey continues.........