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Benefit segementation


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consumer behaviour

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Benefit segementation

  1. 1. BENEFIT SEGEMENTATION PRODUCT TOOTHPASTESubmitted To :- Submitted By:-Prof. Christopher Doyle Preeti Yadav 0111PG038
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE• Identity the implications for using benefit segmentation to market the different brands of TOOTHPASTE (Low involvement Product)
  3. 3. SENSODYNE• Targeted all ages.o For sensitive teeth.o Stop gum bleeding.o Can eat or drink hot or cold foods.o Protect 24* 7 from germs.o Fresh breath .
  4. 4. PEPSODENT G+• Targeted children .o Sweet in taste.o Fight with germs.o Good color.o Fresh breath.o Feel happy.o Clean teeth.
  5. 5. CLOSE UP• Targeted Youth.o Freshness and Taste.o Feel confident – close to their preferred sexes.o Attractive advertisement.o Clean Teeth.o Color, Packaging, Price.
  6. 6. COLGATE• Targeted all ages.o Strong teeth and gum.o Protect 24*7 from germs.o Prevent from cavity.o Feel fresh and clean teeth.o Old brand and easy available.
  7. 7. MESWAK• Targeted 25+ people.o Made by natural herbs.o Good for diabetic patients.o Feel fresh and clean teeth.o Satisfaction.o Replacement for neem.
  9. 9. Benefit Sought Demographic Behavioral Psychographic Favored Brand Characteristics Characteristics CharacteristicsLow Price Males Heavy Users Price-conscious Babool,(Economy) Independent MeswakDecay Big Families Heavy Users Traditional Colgate,Prevention Health – Sensodyne(Medicinal) ConsciousBrightness of Teens, Smokers Outgoing Colgate Promiseteeth (Cosmetic) Youngsters Fun loving Close - Up ActiveGood Flavor Children Mint lovers, Self- Pepsodent G +,(Taste) involvementGentler Love to taste fun, dependent Just for KidsToothpaste on mother for good habitsMouthwash Youngsters, Want Intimacy Self – Close – Up Teens & togetherness involvementFresh Breath Families Multiple Value for Money AquafreshWhiter teeth Benefits
  10. 10. FINDINGS• Brands commonly used are:- Colgate, Pepsodent, Close-Up• Other brands that consumer recall are:- Sensodyne, Babool, Meswak, Amway, Dabur• Some of the reasons given by the consumer for choosing their preferred brands of toothpaste were:- Good Cleaning Power, Habit, Brand Loyalty, Color, Taste, Flavors, Prevent Bad Breath, Cavity Protection
  11. 11. Cont…• Some additional features that the consumers said that they might want in their toothpaste are :- Lower Price, New Flavors, Refreshing Breath, Anti Bacterial Protection, Change of Color• The factors that consumers thought are influential in buying toothpaste in general are :- Advertisements, Family Influence, Packaging, Personal Experience, Cleanliness, Whitening, Freshness, Taste, Dentist, Price, Protection, Availability
  12. 12. Thank You