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Street Food of the World

Journey across the world exploring street food from different countries. Explore the delicacies that drives the cities across the globe. A mouth watering presentation by

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Street Food of the World

  1. 1. Street Food The street is where you'll find the heart of a cuisine and its culture … … Let’s explore the biggest cuisine of the world
  2. 2. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” A presentation by
  3. 3. Lets Grab a bite!
  4. 4. Our journey starts from the land down under
  5. 5. Sausage Sizzle of AUSTRALIA The most common street food in Australia is the sausage sizzle, usually consisting of a thin sausage or sandwich steak cooked on a barbecue and served on a slice of bread with optional fried onions, cheese, mustard and tomato or barbecue sauce.
  6. 6. Japan Our next port of call, the land of the rising sun
  7. 7. Takoyaki of JAPAN A ubiquitous street food, there are even trucks that go around selling these treats because they are so hard to live without. Tako means octopus, and that’s what takoyaki is–octopus balls. Along with the boiled octopus, the chefs add pickled ginger, shrimp floss, and cabbage. An unlikely group of ingredients says the western palate, but, believe me, they are yummy especially when you are having a Sapporo beer with them.
  8. 8. Lets take a ride down the Saigon river
  9. 9. Pho Bo of VIETNAM Pho Bo is one of Vietnam’s best-loved dishes. Slices of raw beef together with raw bean sprouts, mint and basil leaves are served with noodles in boiling hot soup, and gets cooked even as they are being eaten.
  10. 10. Now its time for our own Siamese adventure
  11. 11. Tom Yum Goong of THAILAND The quintessential Thai aroma! A bold, refreshing blend of fragrant lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice and fish sauce shapes this classic soup, giving it its legendary herbal kick, the distinctive smell reminds you of exotic perfume, while it's invigorating sour-spicy-hot taste just screams 'Thailand'!
  12. 12. Let’s peep across the Great Wall
  13. 13. Xiao Long Bao of CHINA Xiao Long Bao is definitely one of China’s favorite street snacks. They are small steamed buns filled with pork. When made, the pork filling is refrigerated to stay solid but once steamed all the amazing juices melt inside the pastry.
  14. 14. Ethic Paradise, where culture meets heritage
  15. 15. Chaat or Aloo tikki is a famous Indian Street Food very popular across the country. The scintillating combination of flavor and spices makes it a mysteriously delicious street food across the world. Chaats of INDIA
  16. 16. In search of the oasis, lies our next destination
  17. 17. Shawarma of the Middle East Shawarma is a delicacy made from lamb or chicken, passionately cooked to retain the juiciness of the meat. Wrapped in bread, combined with herbs and salad makes it a mouth watering experience.
  18. 18. Heading towards the west, the Mediterranean
  19. 19. Falafel of ISRAEL Falafel is Israel’s top street food and in many ways, the national dish. Falafel is a chickpea based fried delicacy which is typically served inside pitta bread with hummus and a range of salads.
  20. 20. The scenic journey from Asia to Europe
  21. 21. Kokoreç of TURKEY The Kokoreç made with suckling lambs or goat innards is chewy-spicy-tasty. The dish popular with nomadic Turks is first roasted on a horizontal skewer like a rotisserie chicken, chopped with tomatoes and green pepper, and served in a quarter bread.
  22. 22. Tuning into Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake
  23. 23. A common variety of pirozhki are baked stuffed buns made from yeast dough and often glazed with egg to produce the common golden color. They commonly contain meat (typically beef) or a vegetable filling (mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onions and egg, or cabbage). Pirozhki of RUSSIA
  24. 24. Oktoberfest, here we come
  25. 25. Currywurst of GERMANY One street food that has taken on a life of it’s own comes from Berlin. No, it’s not pretzels, but rather the delicious sausage treat known as “currywurst”.
  26. 26. Football, Beer and the Big Ben
  27. 27. Fish & Chips of UNITED KINGDOM The most famous of all British street foods is fish and chips. Most towns have a "chippie" and it's quite normal to see people sitting on a bench or wall eating fish and chips out of a paper package.
  28. 28. Romantic cocktail of fashion, art and culture
  29. 29. Sandwiches of FRANCE In France, sandwiches are a common street food. Most of them are baguette bread sandwiches with different kinds of fillings such as "Jambon/Beurre" (ham / butter), "Jambon/Fromage" (Ham with cheese) or "Poulet/Crudités" (Chicken with vegetables).
  30. 30. Our long awaited Roman holiday at last!
  31. 31. The most notable Italian street food is pizza, sold in take-aways and bakeries. Take-away pizza (or "Pizza al taglio") is quite different from pizzeria pizza. Unlike the round pizza normally found in restaurants, which originated in Naples as a street food itself, it is generally baked on large square trays, and square or rectangular portions are sold. It usually has quite a thick base, again unlike the traditional Italian restaurant pizza. "Pizza al taglio" of ITALY
  32. 32. Spain Step up the beat with Flamenco, Ole!
  33. 33. Bocadillos of SPAIN The typical bocadillo is the most common snack all around Spain for school children and workers. Bocadillos can be filled with various ingredients typical of the province (anchovies, sweet peppers, tortilla de patatas, tuna, ham, meat, cheese, Empanada Gallega, etc.) and are very convenient as "food on the go".
  34. 34. The colourful land of soccer and samba
  35. 35. It's a deep fried ball filled with a wonderful dried shrimp stew called vatapá. The dough is made through a laborious process of mashing black eyed peas. The vendor is always a woman who dresses in a particular way, called "baiana." They're officially considered "national immaterial cultural heritage. Acarajé of BRAZIL
  36. 36. Lets put on our Sombreros and jive to the Mariachi
  37. 37. TACO of MEXICO The taco is the best known and the most popular of Mexican street foods, and the first to be embraced north of the border into the United States. A taco simply is a folded tortilla with some kind of filling. Mexican street taco fillings vary from one region to another.
  38. 38. Our final destination: Melting pot of globalization
  39. 39. Hot Dog of USA The varieties are as endless as the stories of its origins. Are they called franks because they were invented in Frankfurt, or are they called wieners because they come from Wien (aka Vienna)? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing's certain: A hot dog's not a hot dog until it's sitting in a bun. And that important innovation is all-American.
  40. 40. We are full Are you ?
  41. 41. A presentation by