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  1. 1. ImmigrationBy Preston Koontz
  2. 2. How I have viewed the issue All Americans are immigrants Diversity has created rich culture and history Immigration builds the economy by increasing the work force Immigrants should have easier time obtaining citizenship Reform is needed on the issue People deserve to live the American-Dream
  3. 3. What I found in my research During research I found many differing viewpoints about the issue. Claims ranged from outlandish to practical plans such as:  Immigration should be open in the United states  All illegal immigrants should be deported due to breaking of American laws.  We should assist in Central American Immigrants border crossing to avoid death cased by dehydration and lack of supplies  We should assist with those persons who go through the proper channels and allow more individuals to apply for citizenship
  4. 4. Early ImmigrationFIRST IMMIGRANTS REGULATION Immigration began in the early 16th  After WWI immigrants were century with European settlers. screened for things like literacy before they were aloud to enter Immigration was mostly the country unregulated until after WWI  The civil rights era brought new WWI brought a new sense of awareness to the rights of distrust to other nations minorities and their rights  New waves of central American and Asian immigrants begin to arrive soon after
  5. 5. Emergence a Social Problem Immigration was first considered a  Current Immigration problems social problem soon after WWI arouse post 9/11 Classic reasons why outsiders are  Suspicion of outsiders, especially considered different were middle eastern immigrants, greatly accentuated after this period increased in the early 2000’s Both early and later social  New areas of unrest have steamed pathologies can attribute to this from a weakening economy and social problem. In early social many immigrants are blamed for pathology, the idea to fear taking American jobs. outsiders, or immigrants, has been present in the human mindset forever
  6. 6. Views on ImmigrationANTI IMMIGRATION GROUP PRO IMMIGRATION GROUP F.A.I.R. wants to make immigration  Border angels look to better the affordable by limiting the type of quality of life for Central American people that enter our country immigrants Manage the borders by increasing  They want to aid immigrants in security on all sides their transition decreasing the number of deaths in the Arizona Decrease environmental impact by desert limiting population numbers  Support immigrants as they enter Manage effects of immigration on the United States with a focus on healthcare, jobs, and education illegal migrant workers
  7. 7. Pro Immigration Claims The Century Foundation published this set of statistics that states that  “For service-related and professional workers, immigration has had little impact on wages. If anything, increases in the number of newly arriving immigrants actually have slightly positive effects.”  “For manual laborers, increases in the share of newly arrived immigrants have no statistically significant negative impact on wages; but increases in the share of immigrants who adjust their immigration status after they have been in the United States—for example, from student or tourist visas (which do not permit employment) to green cards— have a small negative effect.”  “The annual wages of low-skilled native workers are about 2.4 percent below where they would be otherwise as a result of the presence of immigrant workers.”
  8. 8. Anti Immigration Claims Immigration limits jobs for natural-born Americans  Undocumented workers do not have rights to work in the US.  Unemployment rates continue to rise and will continue to rise as more workers enter the country. Immigrants act as a “pollutant”  Genetic differences and stereotypes increase this mentality  Improper passing of information from generation to generation contributes High influx of immigrants increases crime rate  Immigrants are unaware of social “rules” that are present including cultural norms
  9. 9. Proposed Solutions Worksite Enforcements:  Issuance of the “No Match” Regulation  All workers must hold legal status in the United States  The Social Security Administration will send letters to employers explaining the potential liability of hiring illegal employees  Reduce the amount of documents accept to verify identity and work eligibility  Increase fines for hiring illegal workers  Increase investigation of employers who hire illegal workers  Federal contractors must use the Federal Electronic Employment Verification System to verify each employee  Increase the use of E-Verify to other industries  Make E-verify integrated with DMV’s around the country to avoid illegal workers from obtaining job by showing a fake driver’s license
  10. 10. Proposed Solutions Cont. Guest Worker Programs:  Reform the H-2A Agricultural Seasonal Worker Program  Reform the H-2B Program for non-agricultural seasonal workers  Extend the TN work visa eligibility to 3 years Improve the current immigration system:  Streamline the background checks conducted by the FBI when required by the USCIS  Make sure that illegal aliens do not earn credits toward social security The Naturalization Process:  A revised naturalization test (citizenship test) with focus on the American democracy, U.S. history and what is expected of a U.S. citizen  Increased training of immigration coaches that help applicants through the immigration process  The development of a web-based learning tool meant to increase the English language skills
  11. 11. Possible shortcomings of reform The issue with all of these proposed solutions is the cost to benefit ratio. Is the cost of adding additional border security warranted with the “threat” proposed form undocumented workers and immigrants? Is the cost of e-verifying identifications implemented throughout our DMV’s congruent with the problem, and so on? However, the proposed legislature for this particular social problem seems to fit the desires of the policy makers, and the people that they influence.
  12. 12. Where I see the issue going Like other social problems, the issue is rarely actually solved. There is always a compromise that is beneficial for one group and detrimental to another. Immigration reform may solve the problem for a short while, but there will be new arising issues that need to be dealt with. However, I do see the current legislation contributing to a more reasonable way of operating. Security will be increased, immigration will be slightly harder to achieve, but the overall affects will be beneficial.