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From media relations to influencer relations

Brands no longer share their corporate stories only with the press. They also want to reach internal stakeholders, bloggers or influencers on social media to spread their stories. Corporate communication teams are having a hard time communicating in this new fragmented world. Watch this presentation to learn how your team can leverage modern influencer relations. See practical advice on getting to know your contacts, creating rich stories, sending multimedia pitches and measuring results.

This presentation is made by the team at Prezly
A team of communication pros and technologists on a mission to help Public Relations teams get their stories told.

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From media relations to influencer relations

  1. MEDIA
  2. prezly Corporate storytelling changed massively in the past years
  3. prezly You’re missing out if you contact only the press to share your news
  4. prezly Their newsrooms are going empty and their influence is at an all-time low
  5. Here’s why
  6. 7h TV, radio, print 2:50h digital source 〉 prezly DAILY MEDIA CONSUMPTION 2009
  7. 6h TV, radio, print 4:45h digital 1:30h social networking source 〉 prezly DAILY MEDIA CONSUMPTION 2014 -1h +1:45h
  8. prezly To get stories told, brands need to reach both traditional media and influencers on social media Media relations Influencer relations
  9. 1 2 3 4 prezly Get to know your existing contacts Find influencers Share shareable stories Measure results & learn How to
  10. Get to know
 your contacts 1 A rolodex prezly
  11. This is how 70% of media lists look like Not much different from a rolodex Oftentimes it’s just an email address with a beat
  12. It’s called media relations for a reason Turn your email addresses into people
  13. Do it as you go: Inbox profiles via Rapportive prezly
  14. Follow them on social media Read their updates every day prezly ✔ Build multiple lists ✔ Keep them manageable ✔ Interact ✔ Combine strategic & conversational msgs
  15. Get an influencer CRM Enrich your Excel list automatically
 with Prezly prezly
  16. Also read the articles of your contacts subscribe to updates of digital articles
 in Feedly prezly
  17. Finding
 influencers 2
  18. Think beyond journalists ✔ Brand fans ✔ Employees ✔ Current & potential customers ✔ Bloggers & social influencers prezly
  19. prezly Buzzsumo Find social influencers on Twitter Lissted Followerwonk Handy services:
  20. Share shareable stories 3 prezly
  21. Think visually. prezly
  22. 9.7x 7.4x+ + + 4.3x 1.8x = Attachments, soundbites, charts, interactive,… Multimedia content gets viewed a lot more 9.7x prezly
  23. email
 pitch +
 social +
 web prezly Publish stories on your
 online newsroom. Having social media press releases makes it easy for people to share your stories and for people to find them via search engines. Traffic distribution on
 social media newsroom
  24. An example social media release prezly A PR CRM like Prezly automatically detects the social profiles of your media contacts. ✔ High resolution photos ✔ Infographics ✔ Low resolution image previews ✔ One-click visual downloads ✔ Easy to share on social, including visuals ✔ Works well on mobile devices ✔ Optimised for search engines
  25. Publishing your story online
 is just the first step. prezly
  26. Use a pitching tool that integrates
 with your newsroom prezly
  27. An example multimedia pitch prezly ✔ Personalised intro ✔ Multimedia previews
  28. Measure results 4 prezly
  29. Stop emailing in the dark Track your email pitches to see
 who’s interested in your stories. prezly
  30. There are many services that let you track your emails Sales tool for Gmail All-purpose newsletter service PR pitching tool prezly
  31. Learn which content works Learn which contacts like your content Measure to get better at media relations in two ways prezly
  32. Learn which content works How to make such dashboards Build a dynamic dashboard to evaluate outcomes of your content efforts prezly
  33. Learn which pitched content resonates prezly Track outreach with Prezly
  34. prezly Media relations Influencer relations
  35. 1 2 3 4 prezly Get to know your
 existing contacts Find influencers Share shareable stories Measure results & learn
  36. Follow us now prezly
  37. And external communication teams at brands prezlyprezly Check a recent case study
  38. MEDIA