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How to influence influencers: 10 tips by top #PR thinkers

We’ve assembled our top 10 tips from the PR world’s own influencers about how they build and maintain the relationships that offer their clients value.

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How to influence influencers: 10 tips by top #PR thinkers

  1. influence INFLUENCERS How to
  2. Who is the most influential woman ? in the world? Prezly Get your story told
  3. Oprah ! Top TV show likes followers followers 10M 26M 3M Prezly Get your story told
  4. There’s even an Oprah effect ! Brands that Oprah endorses turn into gold Prezly Get your story told
  5. She propelled many authors: 55 million books got sold That’s one for every 6th American Prezly Get your story told
  6. Who’s your Oprah? Which influencers do you want to amplify your messages? Prezly Get your story told
  7. And how can you build a relationship with influencers, when everyone else is trying to do the same thing? Prezly Get your story told
  8. We asked PR’s biggest thought leaders
  9. So many young PR pros think, “That person will never answer me.” First, you never know if you don’t try and secondly, you’ll be surprised. So find something in common - a common hobby, a blog, or a quick question about the industry—and go for it! Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich Prezly Get your story told
  10. Print all the quotes Download the presentation Prezly Get your story told
  11. Show clients how to share the influencers' content, promote their books and speaking engagements, and comment on positions the influencers have taken on controversial topics. I receive dozens of pitches a week, and I prefer they come directly from the source, not from a PR person. Joan Stewart @PublicityHound Prezly Get your story told
  12. I’m amazed how so many PR Pros talk about social media, do a little dabbling like some broadcast tweets, but then resort to old school email and telephone pitching. You’ve got to actually connect and interact with influencers and they will pay attention to you. David Meerman Scott @dmscott Prezly Get your story told
  13. Don't ask for something right off the bat; that turns people off. Do your research, learn about what makes these influencers tick, and see how you can help them fill in the blanks. Shonali Burke @shonali Prezly Get your story told
  14. Influencers have their own agenda and goals, the biggest of which is building a thriving community. Don’t expect to benefit from their community unless you are part of it first. Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie Prezly Get your story told
  15. I use social media to listen to what influencers need and see how I can help. I've donated goods to their event, or use my connections to get them some media buzz. Most often, I simply introduce people to each other, because I see that they can further each other's goals - this is underrated and yet very much appreciated. Elena Verlee @ElenaVerlee Prezly Get your story told
  16. The placements come when you have the relationship, so treat them like a friend. Be helpful to them in ways that have nothing to do with your client or brand. Over time, those influencers will like and respect you for not trying to use them. Jason Falls @JasonFalls Prezly Get your story told
  17. Offer them a media opportunity as a source in an article you're writing (because they're the right fit) or connect them with a journalist who needs their point of view. Invest in the ‘emotional bank account’ before asking for something first, even if it's to be part of a paid campaign. Sarah Evans @prsarahevans Prezly Get your story told
  18. Influencer relations isn't that different from media relations, or that different from relationships in general - you have to pay attention, be sincere, and give more than you expect to get. Christine Perkett @missusP Prezly Get your story told
  19. Listen. It's as simple as that, listen and stop talking and pitching and actually listen and hear what the other person wants. It's a relationship, albeit a working one, and it's a two-way street. So stop and listen and find out what the person wants. Jeremy Pepper @jspepper Prezly Get your story told
  20. Presentation by A better way to share multimedia stories with influencers.
  21. Want more? Prezly Get your story told